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Sep 27, 2008 11:37 AM

Avatar size limits?

Hi - now that we're on the new version of CH and mousing over the avatar actually pops up the picture along with the user's name, I'd like to put one up there.

However, the one I want to use seems to get cut off on top and bottom. Are there size limitations on the size of the picture you can upload without any cutoff?

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  1. I believe the size is 65x65.

    1. I just played with it a little - as long as your image is square it won't be cropped, just re-sized.
      I uploaded a 173 x 173 image because the rollover now looks a little larger than before, and it was re-sized with no problems.

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      1. re: hannaone

        Thanks hannaone. I'll have to wait until Monday to use some software I have at work that'll easily resize the slight rectangle picture I have to a square.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          I take that back. I was able to use Paint, of all things to copy the picture into a square white frame and it worked!


      2. For anyone else interested in the avatar size, the "large" avatar shown when you mouse over is 105x105 pixels.

        1. Anyone notice that the mousing behavior described does not occur for the original poster's avatar, only for those of responders?

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          1. re: meatme

            Yes. Very interesting, and somewhat weird. The roll over feature only enlarges the avatar(s) of those who replied, including the OP, yet it doesn't enlarge the OP's avatar in his/her original [topmost] post.

            1. re: meatme

              Jim Leff reported this bug a few weeks ago.

              1. re: meatme

                It's actually been like that for a really long time -- I'd hazard a guess that it's since the avatars came into being. But they were so broken on the rest of the site for so long that nobody noticed that they were even more broken on the original post.