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New World Tortilla - Burlington/Essex Junc. VT

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Had lunch at New World Tortilla in Essex Junction today. I ordered a "flat tortilla" (quesadilla) with beef in it and my husband had the beef burrito. Both were really good. They grill the tortilla on a flat top and add the ingredients on top. The beef is well-spiced with a slow warmth that builds up gradually but didn't overwhelm me (I'm a heat-wuss).

Portions were huge and I imagine they'd satisfy anyone with a regular sized stomach very easily. My quesadilla was served with sour cream and salsa, both of which were tasty, and I ordered a side of guacamole. The guacamole was decent, though slightly salty, not badly so. They have a wide variety of wraps and specials, and the mixed greens they used were cut up fresh by them and I didn't see any iceberg lettuce. :)

The Essex Junction store had a fair amount of seating, maybe six or eight tables with two chairs each. We got there just after they'd opened, so they weren't very busy at all and our orders were ready quickly. The gals behind the counter were attentive and came back to help me immediately (interrupting their conversation, which was quiet enough in the back that I didn't hear what they were talking about) when I went back up to order the side of guacamole.

I'd definitely go back.

Here's their website:

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  1. Thanks, Morganna. New World Tortilla is very near my workplace, and my coworker speaks highly of it. However he is, to put it charitably, not an imaginative or adventurous person, and I frankly didn't trust his opinion. I'll give it a shot.

    1. Sounds yummy. Thanks for posting, I'll try to check it out next week. My only problem is that I love, love, love Sakura Bana in Williston so much that I have a hard time lately trying new places when I'm out there.