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Sep 27, 2008 10:41 AM

Fennel stalks-use?

I have had a recent fondness for carmelizing or roasting onions and fennel, along with other veg if available, and eating this with some goat cheese and occasionally a vegetarian sausage. I just love the flavours and it makes for a relatively quick and lower calorie meal.

Anyway, I use the bulb mostly, so I now have in my fridge a large ziploc filled with fennel fronds and stalks.

I know these can be used under fish, but what else could I do with them? I have occassionally used the stalks in a curry.......but if anyone has any suggestions on how to use these up, please share ! I don't want to toss them.

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  1. I use the stalks in the same manner as celery in my mire-priox for soups/stews and sauces. I would not replace all of the celery with fennel, unless you really like the licorice flavor, but 1/2 can be replaced w/o needing to make other changes in the dish.

    I love fennel in chicken cacciatore, tomato sauces and the stalks and fronds work well when making stocks. They add a bit of dept to rice pilaf/risotto or a tagine.

    1. Use them to make chicken or fish stock. Delicious.

      1. You can dry them (thread one end onto a string and hang in a dry, well-ventilated place). When dry, throw them on the fire when grilling sea bass or other Mediterranean whole fish or use them as a bed for roasting fish (ideally studded with garlic slivers, showered with fresh thyme, topped with lemon slices and drizzled with olive oil) that you finish by flambéing with a little Pernod. In both cases, they perfume the fish with a delicate anise flavour.

        1. I use them for infused oil. Waste not want not.
          It alway's turn's out great.