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Sep 27, 2008 10:05 AM

Revamped ?

Saw it today for the first time. I'm having problems with the new format.

Twice already I've had to reboot after trying to cancel a couple of popups.

Plus, it looks like you can now save a recipe in your recipe box. It has 5 recipes in mine that I have never looked at , let alone save, like one called Piggy Pudding!

When I tried a couple of years ago to save, I got a msg saying I couldn't for some reason I forget.

I usually just paste anything I want in Word.

Anyone else having problems with the new site?

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  1. After reading your post, I went on the site. The look is better than all that green before. It does have some wierdness though. There is no home button on part of the site. So you have to page back to get to stuff or you are locked into the section you clicked on. And it seems to lock up and you can't scroll down. Or it is so fast that you can't stop the scroll.

    I don't go on it very often, so not a problem for me.

    1. I hate the new TV schedule format! You can't see everything on that day on one screen without clicking the time of day and they don't include recipes in the descriptions of the show. Too many hoops for too little information for me.

      1. I very rarely use TFN's website, as I found the glaring green pretty much god-awful (as well as most of the shows useless to me). While the color redesign is good, the site is still slow as molasses - and the site freezes up.

        And when I went to see if there was any magical recipes in My Recipe Box, I had, of ALL things, Bunny Cut-Out Cookie Bouquet by Shamdra Lee and TFN claims I saved it on 4/21/06. I don't think so! LOL

        Hmmm....what type of drinkie-poo goes with bunny cookies? Ahhh, I see that the episode's writeup says "Finally, no bunny show would be complete without a Cottontail Smoothie. " But there's no recipe. I'm *SO* bummed out. :-/

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        1. re: LindaWhit

          Linda, I was going to say maybe some milk with Kalua or some such liquor.

          When I tried to access "MY" recipes it wouldn't let me.

          When you open up the website to the far right top of page it shows my recipe box/logout. Which normally means you have signed up and saved a particular website to do so.

          So I signed up just to see how I'll like the saving recipe feature, still pasting on Word in my FN file.

          I too wish they had a better set up for looking for shows schedules.

          As the network stars faces where running I saw one who looked familar, but don't know who she is. She's of the Mario's teammates on Iron Chef, and I had no idea she had a show. When I went to her bio etc it only showed when she was on in Jun-Aug, but nothing for up coming episodes. You could access about 8 recipes or so.

          Sure I'll get use to the new format. Not on there everyday, but a couple times a week. Especially when looking fer a certain type recipe , as I was today.

          1. re: hummingbird

            hummingbird, that's Anne Burrell. She only had 6 shows, I think, so the 8 recipes you're seeing are probably all there were. My understanding is that her show has been renewed, although I don't know when it'll be back on.

            This was one series I watched, and LIKED. I've made her bolognese (although not with as much salt as she seemed to use) and it was fabulous. (Having never made bolognese before, I thought I did a great job! LOL)

            There were several threads about her shows on this board.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              thanks Linda,

              Any idea why so few?

              I too have never made bolognese, have been too intimidated by the recipes for some reason.

              Next week hoping to attend a favorite local restaurant that is doing what is called a demonstartion and that is one of the dishes. However, it is also a hands on ( not every one), but come on up when doing dishes where you need the feel so to speak of a certain recipe.

              Two weeks ago unfourtenly it was cancelled due to not enough particpants. That was going to be bread, served at the restaurant , foccacia and a couple of others.

              It is one of the best Italian Restaurants around my area with a wonderful person cooking, she refuses to call herself a chef, but she sure is!

              1. re: hummingbird

                Re: just the few shows to start - I think this was a "test run" to see how it was accepted by viewers. Kinda like the way they do TNFNS winners - they get 6 shows and if their ratings are good, I guess they get a "second season".

        2. I didn't have any trouble with the new FN site and I find it incredibly interesting how many websites are revamping their design layouts with a white or white-ish background.

          When you click on a FN chef/show a video automatically begins playing. This can cause lag and screen freezes if software programs conflict or are not routinely updated. I do see alot more ads on FN, including during these video/show segments.

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          1. re: HillJ

            Yeah, that froze up my browser 2x before I finally was able to turn it off before it really started. A real smart way to keep people on your site - by freezing them up.


            1. re: HillJ

              Yes, don't you love it when sites make changes that no one asked for and they're usually for the worse?

              Just faaascinating.

              Fix what ain't broken, that's my motto.

            2. I have been having this problem also. It is VERY aggravating. I log in, and go to "My Recipe Box" and can see all of my custom folders "Beef & Pork" "Veggies/Sides" "Desserts" etc... and the # of recipes in each folder, but I when I click on one of them, nothing ever loads. Also, when you go to their "My Recipe Box" FAQ/Help section, the help page never loads either! Of course all of the obnoxious ads and banners show up, but your actual content never does! I do NOT want to lose the 97 recipes I have saved there. I have them saved because I have made them before and LOVE them! I have tried to contact them via email and used their "Report A Bug" feature, but I doubt I will ever hear anything back. Hopefully it's just a snag in their server/website changes.