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Sep 27, 2008 09:59 AM

Family Friendly in/around Arlington

We will be visiting family this week & staying Arlington so we're looking for some family friendly recs nearby. As we live in Los Angeles, we are looking for kinds of food that we cannot necessarily get at home (maybe Vietnamese/traditional NewEngland fare) tho we are open to anything that's really tasty. Any yummy organic places would be fantastic too! Also as we will be arriving late (10pm) i'm wondering if there will be any places nearby that will be open for dinner at that hour???

thanks in advance!

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  1. Arlington's not really a stay open late place--nothing comes to mind that will still be serving at 10. A few places we've enjoyed with kids are:
    - Something Savory in Arlington Heights - fun, creative Carribean-influenced food
    - Kathmandu Spice - E Arlington Nepalese/Indian. They give the kids crayons and paper to draw on
    -Za - great salads and gourmet pizza in E Arlington
    Lots of posts on Arlington are on the board, too.

    1. Za pizza is good (like Town Spa in Stoughton) and is family friendly.

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        thanks folks! mmmmmm town spa.....used to be a regular spot for me decades ago when i dated a boy from stoughton in high school!