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Sep 27, 2008 09:54 AM

Veal Bones in Calgary?

Im looking to make Veal Stock in the near future, but so far I cant find any veal bones... Does anyone know of a source? Ive tried Sunterra, Co-Op, and Sobeys so far...


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  1. I would think you could get them here or at any other local butcher

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    1. re: Local Cook

      Nobody sells veal bones that i can find. I cant find a butcher who butchers his own veal, all of them get it shipped in ready to go.

      Does anyone know of any possiblities?

      1. re: RodVito

        Most veal in Canada comes from Quebec, so I doubt you'll find anyone butchering veal in Calgary. If you can find an old-school Italian butcher, that'll be your best bet.

        Restaurants get veal bones from their food suppliers (like these guys or - there are probably some smaller, better suppliers but I don't know who's who in Calgary), usually frozen in 20kg boxes. Not sure if they'll sell you just one box, but they might if you tell them you're willing to come pick them up.

        If you have a choice, veal bones from Australia make better stock than the ones from Quebec, IMHO. The GFS bones are usually from Quebec, not sure about Sysco. Should be $1.00 - $1.50/lb.

      2. re: Local Cook

        Those guys are ridiculous...naturally raised beef sirloin steaks 66/kilo? tenderloin $99/kilo?!!!?!

        come on. don't buy bones from them.

      3. There are at least two industry suppliers that sell veal bones at a retail level if you know where to go. Western Quality Meats and Rocky Mountain Game Meats. If you call either of these and tell them you want to pick them up they should have no problem. Finally, make sure you specify "veal marrow bones" as these will be the very best for making proper veal stock with the kind of collagen rich consistency you want. Neither of these have a retail program per se, but I think they will accomodate you if you tell them that you have searched in vain. Be advised that the case will be about 20 - 25 kgs, which will yield at least 10 - 20 litres, depending on how far you reduce.

        1. I've seen them at T&T on Harvest Hills Blvd.
          They have them there pretty often

          Just be sure to call them to ask before hand