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Sep 27, 2008 09:54 AM

Jeanty at Jack's Dress Code

Can I get away with nice jeans, blouse and same for my husband?

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  1. I'm going to be interested to see responses from those who've been there. I've eaten at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville at lunch and I think (nice) jeans with (nice) shirt would be fine there. However I looked at Jack's website, especially the picture of the dining room. I wouldn't be comfortable in jeans etc. there. It's white tablecloth, fresh flowers, etc. I don't know about CH but in the past I watched from the sidelines while a firestorm broke out on a cruise site about the jeans topic. I hope any travel wardrobe you have would include at least one pair of non-jean pants each. I have a particular skirt (btw, I'm female!) that is my travel skirt. It takes up almost no space, doesn't wrinkle and I know I can always dress it up or down. Jeanty at Jack's is on the edge of the Financial District and can be a little more dressed up. I went to Jack's for years when it was Jack's but not to the "new" Jacks. Again, I'll be interested to read others responses.

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      I haven't been for a couple of years. But at that time people were at least business casual. I don't consider jeans business casual no matter what they cost. From where it is located and the look of it, I don't feel it is a jean place.

      That said, I know most people think jeans and a blazer cover anything.

    2. I also think you could simply call the restaurant and sincerely ask. Not if you'll be turned away but what do the majority of diners wear. Who knows? Maybe they'll say OMG, 95% of our diners will be in jeans. I doubt that but.... I just have the attitude that a "spiffy" menu/meal calls for spiffy(er) clothes. Make the occasion special.

      1. Sure , they wont refuse you. It is officially 'business casual' As a native I am always amazed when I go East and see how well people dress in NY and DC! When I go out to a special dinner as you will have there at Jeanty at Jack's ( be sure and try the tomato soup) I like to look at people who are dressed nicely. I think you are great for even posting this question!

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          Oh, wow, is the tomato soup the same as at Yountville. With the pastry dome on top? To die for. Mmmm. We're going to be in SF in a few weeks. May be time to go there.

            1. re: c oliver

              ( continued) but yes, the puff pastry dome one is at Jeanty at Jacks

          1. You could probably 'get away with' nice jeans just about anywhere, meaning, you likely wouldn't get sneered at. But, I think it's always more festive and fun to dress up for a new fine dining experience. Plus, you'll be showing your respects to the house by dressing nicely. Overdressed is always safer than underdressed. Have fun!

            1. I go there regularly. On my last visit, impulsively w/o reservations after a long day, I went in shorts. Sometimes the need for cassoulet outweighs fear of restaurant staff disapprobation. They didn't seem to have a problem. Now, I tend to agree with people who say that you shouldn't go to "nice" restaurants in shorts, but seriously, I can't imagine "nice" jeans being any kind of problem. Enjoy. One of the best versions of cassoulet I have had anywhere, and one of my favorite version of foie gras au torchon. Also I like the petit sale (lentils and bacon with a foie gras garnish), pig's foot salad, steak tartare, and bone marrow.