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So Carolina Caramel Cake

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Oneal Hampton was waxing raphsodic the other day on his blog podcast about his grandmother's South Carolina Caramel Cake that she'd make for his daddy's birthday every October. I swear, when that man talks about food....!

Anybody's South Carolina grandmother have a recipe to share? sounds delicious. I searched here, but only came up with caramel icing. Can anyone tell me more about this regional cake favorite?

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  1. In Alabama a caramel cake is a yellow layer cake with caramel icing. I'm sure I can scare up a great recipie for you.

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      further description reveals it to be a caramel POUND cake. I found many recipes but they combine shortening and butter. I do not use shortneing. Could I use all butter?

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        As I recall, Saveur had a recipe awhile ago. I bet you could find it on the website. BTW, I think you could use all butter. A lot of old recipes call for shortening as a cost saving measure.