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Sep 27, 2008 09:32 AM

Urgent NYC Seafood Help Needed

Can someone recommend a restaurant with great seafood in Manhattan for dinner tonight? Would prefer something upscale, burt where wife and I would feel comfortable wearing jeans (nice, of course)

Any part of Manhattan is fine with us.....price isn't an issue

Tried to get into Balthazar but they were booked,....

Thanks much.

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  1. Ocean on the UWS (79th?? & Columbus) has the phenomenal seafood and great raw bar.

    1. Aquagrill is great if you can get reservations.

      1. Tides if you can get in. Not many seats but it is really great.

        1. According to open table Oceana has reservations. . Also Fresh in tribeca.

          1. Avra Estatiatoro Its greek and amazing...48th between 3 and lex