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Sep 27, 2008 09:30 AM

Lunch places on I 435 in Kansas City?

I will traveling through KC in another month on our way to Oklahoma about lunch time and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a none fast food restaurant even in the suburbs without going more than a block or two from the exit. If you can mention the street to exit and then I can find it with Google Earth.

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  1. I'm assuming you're taking the South half of the I-435 loop. If so, Oklahoma Joe's @ 119th and I-35 would get my vote.

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    1. re: chileheadmike

      Yes, I am taking the south loop. The one that says I am going to St. Louis, which of course I am not. I always kid friends of mine in KC about that exit sign.

    2. I really enjoy Ingredient. The location on Ash St in Leawood, KS is the one you're after. It is delish, fresh and quick. Should be easy for you to find.

      1. If you like Indian food, there a lunchtime buffet at Korma Sutra if you exit Metcalf and go south one block to 110th. Make a right, then a left at the first light. The restaurant is in the back corner of the shopping center, for which you'll make another left to get to the parking. (Applebee's is visible at the front facing Metcalf.) We usually only go at dinner when you can order, but the buffet is popular, and they bring fresh bread from the tandoor to each table. Friendly, attentive service.

        1. Spin Pizza is one of my favorite spots in that general area ( At 119th and Glenwood (take the Metcalf exit). Excellent pizzas and salads and very good gelato. I haven't been during lunch for the week, but its location suggests that it might be a little overrun by Sprint employees. It has been reasonably fast whenever I've gone for dinner. It's in the same shopping block as Whole Foods -- it's signage makes it inexplicably hard to find sometimes.

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          1. re: heatherkay

            I always tell people it's behind Cheesecake Factory... Cheesecake Factory is hard to miss!

            1. re: Katie Nell

              If following I-435 around to I-35 S towards Oklahoma, Spin Pizza at 119th in Olathe might be closer to the highway. It is definitely an easier drive when there is traffic. I like the new location.
              14230 W 119th St.
              Olathe, KS 66062
              913-764-SPIN (7746)

              1. re: amy_rc

                We usually don't take a lot of time for lunch since we put almost 750 miles of driving that day. Does Spin Pizza have a lunch buffet setup?

                1. re: golferjl

                  Maybe you could take an extra 45 minutes and not do fast food or buffet. We have 2 seriously long road trips under our belt in the last year or so. We found some great places that took a few extra minutes, but were not buffets. Buffets aren't all that great.

                  1. re: zataar

                    This is our annual "get out of Minnesota winter's trip" to our California home and the first day we try to get to just north of OK City. That is why we want a place by the freeway for lunch. I do want to thank all for the advice. I think "Okey Joe's sounds like a fun place and we will probably get their around 1 which should be after the noon rush.

                  2. re: golferjl

                    Spin isn't a real buffet-kind of place, but you can call ahead and place your order. I included the phone number in my previous post. The menu is online at
                    If you call in your order you will probably be there at least 20 minutes.
                    I believe someone mentioned Oklahoma Joes @ 119th St. It is definitely quick, unless you get there right at noon and the line is out the door.

            2. A couple of suggestions--Gates BBQ at 103rd and State Line. Exit off State Line turn right it will be on your left get the Beef on Bun with Fries and a Strawberry Soda.
              Also (I know you said no fast food but...) Go-Chicken-Go at 10000 S. Harrison St., this is
              off of I-35 at the Old Hwy 56 Exit. Google go chicken go for the map. Best Gizzards and Livers I've had.

              By the way, the sign says St. Louis so the people going to St. Louis can avoid going downtown KC to hit I-70.

              Have a safe trip.

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              1. re: gregl

                I had no idea Go Chicken Go had a location all the way out there! That is very cool! GCG is highly recommended!

                1. re: zataar

                  Go Chicken Go would be my choice too. Fast and really good.