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Sep 27, 2008 08:33 AM

LES Help

I am planning an upcoming trip and have become totally overwhelmed with choices. Cannot decide. We are staying in the LES and want to keep most eating/drinking choices within walking distance. Not being familiar with the LES makes this difficult. Here is my short list: Friday lunch at Freeman's (spouse will love the decor); Sat lunch at either Kampuchea or Ssam; Sunday brunch at Essex (only place I could find in the hood that will take a brunch reservation - will not have time to wait for a table anywhere on Sunday); dinners (only 2) at Allen & Delancey, Double Crown or Tailor. We will hit Katz' and Russ & Daughters on our way out of town. I know Freeman's will not take a reservation for 2 so will there likely be a wait on a Friday afternoon for lunch? Also, would love to squeeze in late night snack and some great sushi. Any suggestions? Thank you for any help.

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  1. Did you try getting a reservation at Stanton Social on the LES? I think Schiller's may also take reservations. Allen & Delancey has brunch now, too, by the way. Never been to Freeman's for weekday lunch but I have a friend who's gone, and waltzed right in, no wait.

    BTW, Double Crown is technically Noho and Tailor is technically Soho.

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      For some reason, I thought Stantpn wouldn't take a reservation for brunch, but they do. So, I'm going to change brunch to either Stanton Social or Schiller's. Can't decide (of course). Thank you for the neighborhood info; are DB and Tailor walkable from Rivington St. (15 minute or so walk)?

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        I like Stanton Social a lot more than Schiller's but they're very different in terms of menu, atmosphere, and price point. Where on Rivington Street? Cross street?

        Double Crown is on Bowery and Bleecker so it's just north and to the west of the LES and EV borders which is not too bad. Tailor is almost to 6th Avenue on Broome. It depends on where you are, but I'd allot more like 25-30 minutes. You can get walking directions on Google Maps now BTW.

        Also, I can't think of any outstanding sushi restaurants on the LES but if you go west or north you have more options (Ushiwakamaru, Kanoyama, Le Miu, etc. -- definitely make reservations though).

        For late night snacks, Kuma Inn is open until midnight (not sure when the kitchen closes). Schiller's and 'inoteca are both open late, past midnight, on weekends (until 3 am). For a more greasy spoon/dive experience, I like Rush Hour.

    2. The LES is one of my favorite dining neighborhoods. Not a fan of Schiller's or Allen & Delancey. What about Falai or Rayuela? Just went to Bacaro again the other week. Unfortunately the duck ragu was not as good as the last time. It was a Monday and maybe they had a different chef on. They comped me a dessert which was nice. We went to Elyssa Dido last night - African, good. Unfortunately they don't have a wine license yet and no longer permit BYOB. Russ & Daughters is a must. Get some Kossar's bialies to go with the white fish salad and Nova. You have restauranta on Clinton Street and are close to Chinatown too. Enjoy!

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        edit: It was a Thursday. I think Bacaro is closed Mondays, at least they were this week when we walked by. fdr

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          Thanks for the tips. You're the second person to recommend Kossar's to me so that is going on the list.

          1. re: Kat

            You might want to consider taking my (in)famous self-guided noshing tour of the LES.. As you walk the streets of this interesting, historic neighborhood, you will sample foods emblematic of NYC. (Kossar's is included.) Here's the link:

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                I printed it out. Looks delicious! Thank you.