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Sep 27, 2008 08:16 AM

Help with carrot cake - applesauce and agave?

I am getting ready to make a carrot cake - I am thinking of making it with the following modifications:

half whole wheat and half AP flour
agave nectar instead of sugar
applesauce instead or oil (or a mixture of both?)

Any experiences/warnings/suggestions about approaching a carrot cake this way? I have never tried to sub applesauce for oil, although I undersand it works well. The agave people say that it is great in baking because it encourages moistness, so that might offset the lack of oil? Is using ww flour going to make an already dense cake too heavy?

Thanks for any and all comments!

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  1. Yum carrot cake!I always gut and sub ingredients in recipes as well.

    *For the AP flour King Arthurs makes a White Whole Wheat flour. (Same nutritional benefits but with out that heavy wheat feel ) other wise Whole Wheat pastry flour is great and much lighter than regular WW flour. ( more crumbly, in a good way)

    *Apple sauce will be a good sub. 1:1 is fine. ( keeps everything moist as you presumed)

    *As for the nectar, using liquid sugar 1:1 will throw off the recipe a little bit. Feel free to experiment but otherwise if you are trying to keep it health conscience try organic raw cane sugars. and especially with carrot cake with all the spiciness i'm sure it will be perfect.

    1. I find baked goods rubbery and unpleasant when I sub out all the oil and replace it with applesauce. I always keep about a quarter of the oil and use applesauce for the rest. I think oil inhibits long protein strands or something? I don't remember the exact science of it, but that oil is important to the texture.

      Pumpkin puree also works wonderfully as a substitute for oil, and I think it would taste wonderful with the other flavors of carrot cake. It tastes much better than applesauce in chocolate cake recipes. The applesauce flavor really comes through in a distracting way in chocolate cake, but the pumpkin blends right in. But for a carrot cake, I think either could work well.

      1. Sorry to take so long to thank you guys for your input - I had King Arthur's White Whole Wheat on hand, so used half that, and half AP, I used about 4 part applesauce to 1 part oil, and since I was so curious, I used the agave nectar. I got a very dense, moist cake without a lot of crumb...flavors were great, and it was a hit, but I will be experimenting more next time - pumpkin puree sounds divine, and I will explore the organic raw sugar. Thanks again!