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Sep 27, 2008 08:02 AM

Good Eats in Simsbury, CT

We will be visiting our son who goes to school in Simsbury about once a week. We are looking for some good local places, do not have to be fancy or expensive. We have tried two recommended breakfast places and have found the food to be good, but the restaurant to dirty in both cases (sort of a turn off). I have a reservation at Metro Bis for parent's weekend and we are planning to try Max a Mia tonight. Also, one of us is vegetarian. Any suggestions?

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  1. We visit Simsbury , Ct, a couple of times a year. Our favorite restaurants in the area are:
    The Corner Pug in West Hartford, CT
    Puerto Vallarta in Avon, CT
    Piccolo Arancio in Farmingto, CT
    Bricco in West Hartford, CT

      1. Try Amelia's for a nice meal, upscale-ish bistro. Their desserts are made in house and are not be missed ,in my opinion.

        Plan B is the new hot spot, I guess. We did not care for the burgers but the location is historic. I have heard that the veggie burger is very good.

        Maple Tree Cafe- Bar/restaurant with good basic food and drinks

        Sakimura has really great sushi

        Frescos in Avon on Rte 44 is very good as well

        There is a new bistro in Granby, called the Copper Mine. I have not tried it but a neighbor did and said that it was very good.

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          I definitely second Amelia's American Bistro, but I have found the service at the Maple Tree to be atrocious.

          Piccolo Aramcio is my favorite restaurant in the Farmington Valley, I love their Osso Bucco.

        2. You've made the right choice for parent's weekend. Metro Bis is terrific. I agree with Dana about Piccolo Arancio and Bricco and would add Cugino's in Farmington, Papacelle in Riverdale Farms (Simsbury), Grant's in West Hartford (same owner as Bricco), Carmen Anthony in Avon and Max's Oyster Bar in West Hartford. Enjoy!

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            I would like to add Bosc in Riverdale Farms on the Simsbury/Avon line. They have a very nice patio for alfresco dining if it's warm enough and inside is a cozy restaurant with excellent food and service. Excellent wine list as well.

          2. If you don't mind me asking (I'm nosy), which two restaurants did you not like?

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              It is not so much that we didn't like those breakfast places, because the food was good. We would probably go back for that reason. So I am not sure I would like to give a bad review just based on that. I would just prefer to eat in cleaner places.