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Good Eats in Simsbury, CT

We will be visiting our son who goes to school in Simsbury about once a week. We are looking for some good local places, do not have to be fancy or expensive. We have tried two recommended breakfast places and have found the food to be good, but the restaurant to dirty in both cases (sort of a turn off). I have a reservation at Metro Bis for parent's weekend and we are planning to try Max a Mia tonight. Also, one of us is vegetarian. Any suggestions?

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  1. We visit Simsbury , Ct, a couple of times a year. Our favorite restaurants in the area are:
    The Corner Pug in West Hartford, CT
    Puerto Vallarta in Avon, CT
    Piccolo Arancio in Farmingto, CT
    Bricco in West Hartford, CT

      1. Try Amelia's for a nice meal, upscale-ish bistro. Their desserts are made in house and are not be missed ,in my opinion.

        Plan B is the new hot spot, I guess. We did not care for the burgers but the location is historic. I have heard that the veggie burger is very good.

        Maple Tree Cafe- Bar/restaurant with good basic food and drinks

        Sakimura has really great sushi

        Frescos in Avon on Rte 44 is very good as well

        There is a new bistro in Granby, called the Copper Mine. I have not tried it but a neighbor did and said that it was very good.

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          I definitely second Amelia's American Bistro, but I have found the service at the Maple Tree to be atrocious.

          Piccolo Aramcio is my favorite restaurant in the Farmington Valley, I love their Osso Bucco.

        2. You've made the right choice for parent's weekend. Metro Bis is terrific. I agree with Dana about Piccolo Arancio and Bricco and would add Cugino's in Farmington, Papacelle in Riverdale Farms (Simsbury), Grant's in West Hartford (same owner as Bricco), Carmen Anthony in Avon and Max's Oyster Bar in West Hartford. Enjoy!

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            I would like to add Bosc in Riverdale Farms on the Simsbury/Avon line. They have a very nice patio for alfresco dining if it's warm enough and inside is a cozy restaurant with excellent food and service. Excellent wine list as well.

          2. If you don't mind me asking (I'm nosy), which two restaurants did you not like?

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              It is not so much that we didn't like those breakfast places, because the food was good. We would probably go back for that reason. So I am not sure I would like to give a bad review just based on that. I would just prefer to eat in cleaner places.

            2. Green Tea Chinese restaurant is very good. The Harvest in the north end of town is an excellent breakfast joint as well.

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                The food at the Harvest Cafe is good. But I have to tell you that my husband admitted to me today that there was a fly imbedded in his homefries....I wasn't going to say anything...but now I have to.

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                  I think that's just extra protien at no extra charge. Just kidding but that is unfortunate. Another great place for dinner is Buon Appetito located on rt. 44 on the Canton/Avon line. It's tiny, it's kinda cramped but it's also some of the best, most imaginative Italian food you're likely to eat this year. The giobotto is one of my personal favorites and don't deny yourself the gorgonzola garlic bread. One warning, it is byob so come prepared.

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                    I have to agree. The food at Buon Appetito is excellent, but the dining area is extremely cramped. I recommend that either get there early or get there late. If you don't, you could be in for a long wait.

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                      All the places mentioned have good traits...as a former prepster I know my parents used to struggle to find places that appealed to all tastes...our favorite ended up being First and Last Tavern...take Rt 10 south for five miles to the intersection of Rt 44...lost of options ...and just up the street from Max a Mia...also...Bosc in Riverdale Farms...I think the best food around.

                      If you stay in the area...I have always thought the food at the Avon Old Farms Inn was the best of the hotels...

                      Joes Pizza in Canton,,.a few more miles west on 44...not fancy but very good pizza and burgers...take the roomates.

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                        Can't believe I forgot Buon Appetito. Heartily second Jeff's recommendation of the Giobotto. Also, they usually have Chilean Sea Bass and it's always tender and delicious. I would not go there without a reservation. As others have mentioned, it's a very small room and without a reservation, you won't be able to get in.

                2. Toshi! Best sushi ever.. I used to live out near that way & I seriously miss that place. A lot!

                  1. Thank you to all who responded. Over the last six weeks we a visited quite a few restaurants in the Simsbury/Avon area. We had a fantastic meal at Metro Bis. The food wine and service was excellent. The food was beautifully prepared and really good. The salads were fantastic. My husband enjoyed his pork chop. It was perfect for Parents' Weekend. We have been back to Harvest for breakfast and still very good. (no flies this time!). Last night we went to Meadow. We really liked the selection and variety. There were good vegetarian choices and the food came out really hot. (I like that). They had an $8 Summer Sauvignon Blanc that was very good. We have been to Plan B for lunch, that was fun also. My husband enjoyed his burger. I liked my veggie burger, not frozen and reheated, but homemade. We liked Max a Mia, it has reliable food, but has a corporate feel. But the food was good, we had a nice evening. We did enjoy Sakimura also. It seems that we picked a good place for our son to go to school. We are looking forward to 4 years of good eats in Simsbury!