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Sep 27, 2008 07:18 AM

Las Nenas Cafe San Antonio

How's the chow at Las Nenas Cafe on Fredericksburg Road?

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  1. You really are quite the 'hound, scrumptiouschef. I'm sure you know to bring plenty of cash for tips?

    I can recommend the chow at Garcia's Mexican Food at 842 Fredericksburg. Great brisket tacos (the meat's smoked on site), huevos con chorizo, carne guisada, and pork-chop tacos. The flour toritllas are good, especially compared to what you can find in Austin. But the vibe at Garcia’s doesn’t quite provide the thrills you’d get if you checked out the. . . competition.

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      Yep,a pocketful of cash never hurts when you're eating out.You never know when credit is neither warranted nor accepted.Although I'll probably hit Garcias for the main then roll on over to Las Nenas for dessert.