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Searching for cooking classes?

alene Sep 27, 2008 04:33 AM

I am searching for cooking classes here in Baltimore. If anyone can help me here I thought this group could.

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    CIAinDC RE: alene Sep 27, 2008 08:45 AM

    Not sure about Baltimore but in VA, the education board has cooking classes set up in the high schools. What level of cooking are you looking at? I know there is an Art Institute some where in this area....

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      alene RE: CIAinDC Sep 27, 2008 12:21 PM

      I was looking for classes in Baltimore -- taught by local chefs. I am aware of L'Acadamie - they are great classes, a bit more professional. I'm looking for more recreational. Someone told me about Sotto Sopra's chef doing cooking classes and the price seems reasonable so I'll do that but also looking for some diversity.

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        Lydia R RE: alene Sep 27, 2008 01:13 PM

        Here's a couple of random ideas. I haven't tried them, but they look interesting:

        For the Love of Food in Reisterstown: http://www.fortheloveoffood.com/Who_W...

        Roland Park Country School's Kaleidoscope has a Culinary Program section. Their instructor, Chef Jerry Pellegrino will return to teaching in Spring 2009. The catalog will be available on January 9th: http://www.rpcs.org/kaleidoscope/cour...

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          charmgirl RE: alene Oct 30, 2008 05:34 PM

          I've been thinking of trying the Sotto Sopra class, too. Has anyone been? I'd love to hear more about it...

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            homefrycheeseskillet RE: alene Oct 31, 2008 10:18 AM

            Actually, L'Academie de Cuisine offers a variety of recreational and professional. I've sat in a recreational class and really thought it was entertaining AND useful. I went to an event at their Gaithersburg location too and thought it was a very fun loving bunch of instructors. It's not exactly Baltimore though.

        2. poached RE: alene Sep 27, 2008 09:42 AM

          I've been searching too and there does not seem to be very many options.
          Best I've found is the L'acdamie de Cuisine in Bethesda- I haven't acctually gone yet as it is not that convienet but their offerings look great.

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            crowsonguy RE: poached Sep 27, 2008 10:21 PM

            Grano, the tiny restaurant on 36th Street in Hampden, has a trio of cooking classes coming up. One on Italian desserts, one on pastas, and I've forgotten the other one (though that was the one I liked best!)

          2. Manassas64 RE: alene Sep 29, 2008 08:35 AM

            Check the County Adult Education and Community Colleges. That's where I take all of my classes in VA.

            1. Dining Dish RE: alene Oct 29, 2008 07:29 AM

              FYI - I have just put together a pretty comprehensive list of cooking classes in the Baltimore Area. http://www.examiner.com/x-277-Baltimo... I am curious if there are other classes in the area. Gino Troia cancelled his current classes so I don't now the future holds on that.

              1. WhatsToEatBaltimore RE: alene Oct 31, 2008 11:02 AM

                Dara Fromm-Bunjon of Dining Dish just posted a very informational blog on all kinds of cooking classes in the baltimore area.

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