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Sep 27, 2008 03:37 AM

Maurizio's, La Galleria 33 or Euno?

I'm picking someone up at the airport Sunday night, and we're planning to get dinner in the North End on the way home. I'm deciding between these three, and haven't been to any of them. Can anyone comment on recent (past few months) experiences at any of these places? Any seafood/fish or veggie recommendations?

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  1. La Galleria 33 is one of my favorites in the North End, cool decor, food has always been great.. and the owners make fresh tiramisu and amaretto cake. Thats my pick

    1. I love Maurizio's. The frutti di mare is great.

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        Thanks for both your recommendations. We ended up at Maurizio's mainly because I was scared away from Galleria 33 by the negative reviews on various sites. Aside from that, it would have been my preference because many mentioned how nicely spaced the tables are there--a rarity in the North End.

        At about 8:00 on a Sunday, the small upstairs room (maybe 10 tables) was about half full, and remained so until we left just after 9:30. I prefer a larger, more bustling atmosphere as a rule, but my DC loved the red, cozy, quiet room, and even complimented them on the charming decor. (Maybe that she had a view of the restaurant and street, while mine was of the drink refrigerator made the difference.)

        I had two appetizers. First, the Portobello al forno, described as portobellos topped with spinach, gruyere and tomato sauce, and baked. It was more like a large pile of spinach (fresh and perfectly-cooked) with a few small mushrooms underneath, along with the cheese and sauce. I love mushrooms and merely like spinach, so would have preferred a different ratio, but had the rare pleasure of feeling like I was eating health food at an Italian restaurant. Next was the involtlini di melanzane, which I preferred. The eggplant was lightly fried, and the ricotta was smooth, rich and delicious. This came as three large balls topped with tomato sauce. I have a huge appetite (make a small Regina's pie disappear in 10 minutes), but these portions were so big I couldn't finish everything. My glass of prosecco was delicious, crisp and fruity.

        My DC got the MALLOREDDUS ALLA CAMPIDANESE - Classic Sardinian pasta dish served in a savory meat sauce made with sausage, lamb, diced vegetables, red wine and tomatoes. Being a veg-head, I couldn't try it, but she rolled her eyes passionately, and ate every bite.

        The service was friendly and professional, and we both walked out stuffed and happy for $49 not including tip. So far this is the best moderately-priced option I've found in the North End, but I do look forward to braving Galleria 33 (with Patty, the pushy, singing waitress and all) soon.

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          Thanks for reporting back and glad you liked Maurizio's - one of the few chef owned and run places left in the NE. I think it is a good change of pace place given the fact that he is Sardinian and prepares many Sardinian dishes.

          1. re: Northender

            I was thinking how nice it was to eat in a chef-owned restaurant when we were there. Aside from Taranta, do you know which others in the North End are chef-owned?

              1. re: ScubaSteve

                I don't think Marc Orfaly actually cooks there.

                1. re: Northender

                  but i do remember him there at the stove when they first opened.

          2. re: pollystyrene

            Glad it worked out! I really like that place.

        2. I like Maurizio's, but the space can get really tight when they're busy. Hope you get to try LaGalleria 33. The staff is lovely and they make a great veal chop, as well as some wonderful pasta dishes.