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Sep 26, 2008 10:44 PM

4 solo nights in Vancouver

Hi -- I'm an LA Chowhound who will be in Vancouver for several days in early October; I'll be at the Westin Bayshore with no car. I'm female and will be by myself for the most part. I have no problem eating solo and like all kinds of food. Except liver. Bleah.

Some restaurants aren't particularly welcoming to the solo diner and some are great. I love sushi and would like to find the best sushi place in Vancouver for one night; also love Chinese and would welcome any suggestions in that area. Asian/French fusion is another favorite and who wouldn't like a steak one of those nights? I like a nice wine list. Price isn't really an issue, though if it's gonna be out of the park it has to be great.

If you know of any restaurants that are gay friendly, that would be a plus.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My recs in this area would be Boneta (West Coast), Chambar (Belgian), Okada (Sushi), Kirin on Alberni (Chinese). Gastropod or Fuel are French/Euro with a hint of Asian - they are a short cab ride away. For the best sushi - Octopus's Garden and Lime (both are taxi distance). Check out an izakaya or two - Guu and Hapa in the gay friendly West End are a brisk walk away. There are lots of other restuarants in that area.

    1. Hi NAspy,

      I am also female and will be traveling to Vancouver for 2 weeks in Oct. ... this will be my 3rd time. (I LOVE traveling solo) 90% of the places are fine to dine alone. Just avoid the restaurants that describe themselves as "intimate" or the ones who say their food "is meant to be shared" (tapas) etc. and you will be fine. :-)

      I would disregard the recommendation for you to try izakaya as that is like Japanese tapas ... and it may really seem awkward while by yourself.

      Have fun! Maybe I will run into you :-)

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        i've eaten solo at 2 of the guu's and never felt out of place so i'd totally recommend it as its "very Vancouver"

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          Give a solo tour of izakaya a shot boisenewbie. You will not be disappointed. Sit at the bar and chat up the barkeep. The portions are small (and priced accordingly) so you are able to try at least 3 or 4 dishes without overstuffing. They are often described as 'tapas' - but in Japan, they are often indulged solo on your way to the train station home.

          1. re: fmed

            That is really good to know!

            I really wanted to try it ... I just thought people would judge me if I was there eating all the food by myself. (I guess I really shouldn't care what people think anyway!) I'll give Guu a try!

        2. I didn't address your query about steak. For steak: Pied-a-Terre (Fernch, Cambie St), or Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown. Actually - Yaletown will offer other options - Blue Water (sushi and very good seafood), and Cioppino's (some of Vancouver's finest Italian)

          1. Thank you for all these responses. I hope to try a good number of them and will report back.

            1. I was just at the Bayshore last week. I was kind of tired by the time I got in, so I just went next door to Cardero's for dinner. I sat at the kitchen bar. I was treated well ( I was there solo, too). Good salmon and a great Bloody Caesar! I'll say the food looked good as it was getting prepared while I was looking. If you want to grab a coffee and something for breakfast, head just up the street a little to Urban Fare (Bute and Cordova). A combo cafe and gourmet grocery store. A good place to grab some munchies to get you through the day!