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Sep 26, 2008 10:09 PM

Another one gone - sadly no great loss

The Honolulu Compadres has closed. The Honolulu branch was the original of this Hawaii based mini-chain, and the last to be closed. Today was it's last day in operation. My friends and I used to refer to the food as "microwave mex", and while it wasn't very good... it was rarely awful, so long as you didn't expect it to be really mexican. Sort of an upscale taco bell. Still it's sad to see another restaurant felled not by its own mediocrity, but by the business climate.

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  1. Oh, boo hoo, I hated their food. I was forced to go there a couple times for store meetings/dinner
    hated it. It's too bad as you say for the workers and the looming nasty economic climate.

    1. The Maui store in the Lahaina Cannery Mall is closed also...

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      1. say what you want about compadres, but their Taco Tuesday could't be beat. $1 tacos and $5 unlimited chips and salsa. i drank a many a corona every tuesday.