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Sep 26, 2008 08:57 PM

The Nova in Hudson ,WI

I drive by this place almost daily and it looks really interesting. I was checking out the menu online and it looks really good and seems to have a creative spin on things . Anyone been there and have any recommendations?

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  1. don't bother! Snooty, slow service that the food doesn't make up for. And, if you ask for something other than what the menu states, the chef throws a fit. Try San Pedro, or trek out to Woodbury to Cravings Wine Bar.

    1. i've been to the nova on 3 occasions - lunch, weekday dinner and friday night dinner. the weekday dinner was the best - not too crowded or loud and great service. friday dinner they had live music and it was so loud we couldn't hear each other talk. we waited forever to order and then another forever to finally get our food. lunch was definitely not as good as dinner. all three times the staff were friendly - not snooty at all.
      good lighting but many of the seats are very uncomfortable.
      so far i highly recommend the ahi tuna, kolbe burger, crab cakes (kiwi-lime beurre blanc topped with spicy raspberry preserves) and fig, pear and gorgonzola salad. i was shocked that they were asking $8 for bread and garlic olive oil but the little italy appetizer (bread with basil pesto/goat cheese, bread with orange and pineapple relish and bread with roasted garlic with grated gruyere - 3 of each!) was only $11. Much better deal especially since the bread i have been served there was nothing special - in fact bland and little stale.
      i have only ordered dessert once and it was very disappointing - rhubarb cheesecake. i had a friend in from the south and they had never had tasted rhubarb, unfortunately after this cheesecake they still hadn't tasted rhubarb.
      i am addicted to their desperate husband - cucumber infused gin and tonic.
      the drinks are very good!
      i'll go back on a weekday night anytime!