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Sep 26, 2008 08:55 PM

/Lunch in downtown chicago

i want to know if there is any great lunch spots in chicago. were going to alinea for dinner but would like a great lunch spot as well. i would rather not have anything real heavy but i would like great quality.

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  1. Unlike some other cities, most of the truly top tables in Chicago are not open for lunch. The one exception among our very best restaurants is:

    NoMI ( ), in the Park Hyatt, in the "Magnificent Mile" stretch of North Michigan Avenue

    Some of our more casual fine dining restaurants are open for lunch, particularly ones downtown. The best of these IMHO are contemporary American places:

    Aigre Doux ( ), across the street from the Merchandise Mart just north of the Loop
    Naha ( ), in River North, north of the Loop
    Blackbird ( ), just west of the Loop
    Custom House ( ), just south of the Loop
    Atwood Cafe ( ), in the Loop

    Also open for lunch are many of our best Italian places, including:

    Vivere ( ) in the Loop
    Coco Pazzo ( ) in River North, just north of the Loop
    Cafe Spiaggia ( ) on the Mag Mile

    and our best seafood places:

    Shaw's Crab House ( ) just north of the Loop
    Fulton's on the River ( ) just north of the Loop
    Catch 35 ( ) just north of the Loop
    Hugo's ( ) in the Gold Coast

    and several French bistros:

    Kiki's ( ) in River North
    Bistro 110 ( ) off the Mag Mile

    Most of the best steakhouses in the greater downtown area are also open for lunch; for recommendations see

    All of the above places are very very good, in my experience (although I've been to some only for dinner rather than lunch).

    One nice place, open for lunch, that I haven't mentioned (because I haven't been there yet) is Sixteen, in the new Trump hotel just north of the Loop ( )