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Sonic Drive-In ... I love it

Sonic Drive-in has commercials that air hundreds of miles from any nearby restaurant. A few years back, the place I was living was bombarded with those commercials ... no nearby Sonic.

Well, a Sonic just opened up near me in the Napa Valley ... woo-hoo !!!

With all the negative comments about Sonic on the boards I went expecting the worse ... but had to go ... ya know. Well, I just love it. Right now it is my favorite fast food restaurant. IN-N-OUT ... boring. Burger King ... that king just gets creepier and creepier. McDonalds ... bring back the McRib and the Shamrock shake and we'll talk again.

But Sonic ... Sonic ... it's fun ... there are literally endless choices. There's traffic control people to handle the hoards. You have a choice of a parking space with a roller-skating car hop delivering your meal or drive through (quite the holding pattern).

So I went with the few things people have recommended ... the cherry limeade and the chees tater tots ... I mean tater tots

If Sonic only exists for the drinks, they deserve to exist.

A fresh fizzy limeade topped with two fresh lime quarters and a marchiano cherry. The ice is wonderful ... perfect crunchy little pieces that the drink somehow adheres to and lastes till the final ice bit.

My local Sonic has a happy hour, slushies and drinks are 1/2 price from 2pm-4pm. Do they all do this?

For my happy hour beverage I chose the Ocean Water which Sonic describes as " Cool, blue and tangy with a hint of coconut" A cheery bright turquoise it was refreshing and not too sweet. No particular flavor, but I liked it.

The tater tots were fine. I was disappointed with the cheese. I would have preferred the Velveeta type. This was like a slice of Kraft melted on top. I'd get them without cheese next time.

The burgers seemed pricy. I might give their grilled cheese on Texas toast a try. The Jr banana split is tempting ... 99 cents and 180 calories. The creamsicle slushie is also calling my name.

And it doesn't seem to be purely junk food. You can get slushies that use real fruit or are made out of juice They have some wraps (tho the frito chili cheese might not count as a health item). There are mozzarella sticks.

Back to the junck food ... they have a breaded fritter pork sandwich ... might this be my new McRib ... Ohhh ... cream pie shakes (banana, coconut, chocolat or strawberry).

They give you a complimentary peppermint with all orders ... even my half-price ocean water.

PS. I do realize I might have been sublimally hypnotized by those Sonic commercials.

Here's the extensive menu (in pdf format)

Sonic Drive-In

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  1. I am with you on the cherry limeade - if I'm out and about and becoming parched, thats what I go for!

    The Sonic where I used to live had specials on Tuesday's, buy one get one 1/2 price or perhaps a burger pkg deal. They also sent a lot of direct mail coupons. Most of the coupons only worked if you went with someone else or had a very big appetite. The offerings do change some seasonally,so you have a years worth of investigative eating ahead!

    1. hmmmm... Obviously all Sonics are not created equal! I do agree that all of the drinks and smoothies and shakes are good at nearly all Sonics, but the food at both of the local Sonics I've tried -- especially the burgers -- makes you wish you'd stayed home and had a can of Alpo! But I do enjoy the commercials. Imaginative.

      1. Hmm, I dunno about this rw. I think Sonic is pretty nasty.

        1. The Sonic near me (Gandy Blvd in Tampa) just closed.

          1. Yay for Sonic ice! The best ice ever!
            I'm in Oklahoma and our Sonic has a happy hour for drinks as well. Delish!

            1. I'm pretty sure the happy hour thing is chain wide. I agree, love the drinks and my favorite thing to eat there is a grilled cheese and tater tots. Although, I wish I didn't know that the jr banana splits were only 180 calories. I'd avoided based on the "knowledge" that they were were way to caloric for a treat. I can actually see a Sonic from my living room so I have to be really careful when I'm craving salty fatty foods.

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                LOL that would be a hard temptation to have one that close. I also like that they serve all their food all day..... I'm usually up by say 3 a.m. so a burger at 8 a.m. sounds better to me than a breakfast sandwich, although I admit I tried one of their texas toast breakfast sandwiches one day, and while I wouldn't make it a daily event.... it was big and good.

              2. I too just recently tried Sonic for the first time several weekends ago while driving back from a trip to Lake Shasta. We stopped at the location just outside of Redding off of I-5, and were amazed that they had folks on roller skates who would bring orders out to you (we went thru the drive-thru though, so no idea on the service). Tater tots were very good, and the burger I had (can't remember, but it was a cheeseburger combo with bacon and some other stuff on Texas Toast) was also tasty. I'd have to try out more of their menu to have them replace In N Out as my #1 chain, but Sonic is certainly a solid #2.

                1. I've been a Sonic fan for years. One of our "guilty pleasures" in the Q household is to go get the Brown Bag special with two #1 burgers and tots...yum...

                  I'm also *addicted* to their fresh fruit slushes.

                    1. re: crewsweeper

                      Although I do agree that the cheese they put on the tater tots is less than satisfying. I enjoy the plains.

                    2. I like most everything at Sonic EXCEPT their burgers. No doubt, the slushes and tater tots are what separates them from the rest of the pack. My go-to sandwich is the Chicken Club Toaster or the Xtra-long Cheese Coney. And they have a good dessert selection. I just find their burgers bland.

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                        I think that is a pretty fair assessment. I would eat their burgers, and I have. But I've never been like.... man! I must go have a sonic burger!
                        I have been..... OMG must stop for cherry slush!
                        That said, the burgers aren't bad, just not the stars of the menu by any means imo.

                      2. Their onion rings are very good.

                        1. I get their bacon breakfast toaster minus the egg plus mustard. They actually put a fair amount of bacon on it and they serve it all day long which is a plus.