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Sep 26, 2008 07:12 PM

Best way to grind up oats?

I put oats into my morning drinks, I usually put them in the blender with a few other things, but it doesnt really work. I was thinking either trying a food processer (or is that the same thing as the blender?) or a coffee grindder then just adding the oat dust to my drink.

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  1. I think that if you use a coffee grinder, the oats will form a finer powder so that your drink will be more smooth than a chunky consistency.

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    1. re: mmontini

      Yea. Is there any chance they make large coffee grinders then the ones I see in shops?

      1. re: Link141

        I am sure that in speciality kitchen gadget stores would sell the large ones and have them as small as spice grinders.

    2. The food processor will get them small, but not really a fine powder. If you have $400, a vita prep blender will get your smoothies smooooooth.

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      1. re: babette feasts

        Ahaha unfortunately as a college weight lifter I do not have 400 to spend on a blender as much as I would love to do that :P

        1. re: Link141

          I have used the very basic blender to grind oats into oat flour. It just requires pushing and poking the mixture around (in between the blending, of course!) to get all the oats to grind finely.

          If you're adding it straight to your breakfast drink, you can probably even use a pan to lightly toast the oat flour in advance to get rid of the raw taste.

      2. Have you considered using oat flour?