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Sep 26, 2008 06:37 PM

Cendrillon-lunch or brunch?

Any particular recommenations at Cendrillon?

Has anybody tried the salted beef (corned beef with hash) for brunch? Is it worthwhile?

Also, would you go for lunch or brunch? And it it worthwhile?


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  1. i go to Cendrillon often when I am in Soho on weekends. If you go during lunch time, you will get more authentic Filipino fare vs. dinner which is more asian fusion.

    I would recommend ordering from the brunch/merienda menu. These are my favorites:
    - ukoy (shrimp fritters) - this is a traditional snack food in the Philippines and Cendrillon does this very well. It's quite filling even though it's listed as an appetizer. I usually order it as an entree. It could be an appetizer to share for 2-3 people IMO.
    - beef tapa & eggs - this is a traditional filipino breakfast fare called tapsilog, named after its components -- tapa (beef) + sinangag (garlic fried rice) + itlog (egg). The air dried beef is not dry at all since it's fried before serving. Cendrillon has the best tapsilog in the tristate IMO.

    * word of warning on the baby back ribs adobo - i personally find it too salty

    for sweets:
    - bibingka - don't be misled, this is not a flat rice pancake; it's actually about an inch thick. Traditionally served with salted duck eggs and shredded coconut on top, Cendrillon's version using feta & gouda cheese is great too. I like it because it's not very sweet. Be warned, this is quite filling so i recommend sharing.
    - buko pie (not on the menu but you can ask for it) - buko is shredded young coconut that's baked into a pie. it's typically served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

    - buko juice - buko is young coconut. In the Philippines we usually hack the top of the coconut open and stick a straw in it to drink the clear juice. The white translucent flesh lining the inside of the shell is delicious. At cendrillon, they serve the juice and bits of the coconut flesh in the glass. Very refreshing.

    1. I've been to Cendrillon for lunch, as well as dinner. Both times, we were all very happy with our selections, and portions were right. They have yummy desserts, too, so leave room after your delicious meal. The ambiance is nice too, and they have good ventilation so you don't smell of food when you leave. My only disappointment was the seemingly snotty hostess, which is not at all characteristic of Filipinos.

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        Thanks jadedfork and sikakis.

        Sounds like this will be worthwhile for either lunch or brunch. I'm looking forward to it. :)

      2. Brunch also has some thrilling surprises on the specials menu like the lechon kawali I once had there. Merienda is also a far better value than dinner with flavors a lot more accessible for the average Tagalog diner (no disrespect to Visayans and PampangueƱos).