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Sep 26, 2008 06:12 PM

Suggest a good drink from my inventory

I'd love to make some delicious drinks this weekend from my too-full inventory of liquor.

Any suggestions? I'm very inexperienced at drink-making, and use liquor mostly for cooking. But complex or new is OK. I feel like trying something new!

Things I've tried and like a lot:
- Picasso punch (blend of amaretto, whiskey, cointreau, cranberry juice, cherry juice)
- Maker's Mark and diet coke
- Caipirinhas


----- Vodka
Tarkov vodka (1/2 full)
Tito vodka (almost empty)
Tito vodka (full)

----- Gin
Tanqueray Special Dry Gin (almost full)
Bombay Sapphire Distilled London Dry Gin

----- TripleSec
Bols TripleSec (almost full)

----- Tequila
Herradura Tequila (almost full)
(full - upper cabinet)

----- Rum
Bacardi Limon Rum (large full - upper cabinet)
Bacardi Rum large (full - upper cabinet)
Bacardi Limon Rum (large full)
Myer's Dark Rum
Bacardi Raspberry Rum (full - upper cabinet)
Cacha├ža (brand with the woven straw around the bottle)

----- Vermouth
Martini & Rossi extra dry Vermouth ~3/4 cup left

----- Whiskey
Maker's Mark (almost full - upper cabinet)
Woodford Reserve (full)
Glenfiddich Special Reserve Scotch Whiskey (3/4 full)
Jack Daniels (full)
Southern Comfort (1/2 full)

----- Cognac
Courvoisier VS Cognac (1/2 full)

----- Cointreau
Large Cointreau (Angers) (full - upper cabinet)
Small Cointreau (Angers) (full)
Large Cointreau (Angers) (full)

----- Amaretto
Large DiSaranno Amaretto (almost full - upper cabinet)
Large DiSaranno Amaretto (full) (lower bottom back)
Tuaca Liquore Italiano (2/3 full)

----- Irish Cream
Bailey's Irish Cream (almost full - upper cabinet)
Bushmills Irish Cream Liquor (full)

----- Clear / misc Liquors
Grappa Julia Riserva Stravecchia (almost full)
Blue Curacao liquor
DeKuyper Buttershots Butterscotch Schnapps
Fragilino Strawberry Liquor (2/3 full)

----- Creamy Liquors
Godiva White Chocolate Liquor (half full)

----- Mixes
First Call Premium Sweet & Sour mix (in fridge)
Sauza classic Margarita Mix (full)
Angostura Bloody Mary Seasoning (full)
Grenadine cherry syrup(full - upper cabinet)

Barnie's Coffee Cooler Cappucino
Torani Almond Syrup
Torani Vanilla Syrup
Torani Sugar-free Vanilla Syrup
Torani Sugar-free Hazelnut Syrup
Froth-Au-Lait Raspberry flavored syrup


Amaro Alla Erbe

Manischewitz Blackberry wine

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  1. First thing I'd suggest is to throw out the "mixes" - typically horrible things compared to making it yourself, and there is very little effort needed anyway. Oh, and make a bottle of simple syrup to keep in the fridge :)

    Other things I consider vital in a good bar/home bar are aromatic bitters (The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters is my preference), orange bitters, Peychaud's bitters, orange flower/blossom water and rose water.

    You could try a variation on the caipirinha, adding in some passionfruit pulp.

    Here are a few I make regularly,

    50ml Tanqueray gin
    20ml Fresh lemon juice
    30ml Simple syrup
    5ml Rose water
    5 Cardamom pods (crushed)
    Shake and strain, lemon twist for garnish.

    50ml Woodford Reserve
    15ml Simple syrup
    Several dashes of aromatic and Pechaud's
    2 or 3 pieces of lemon peel (no pith)
    Fill it up with ice and stir for a few minutes, drink as it is.
    A good peaty Scotch can be used in place of the bourbon for a smokey/warming kick.

    If you aren't against raw egg white, try sours - very refreshing. I like them made with Tuaca, amaretto, Scotch, bourbon, brandy or citrus vodka.

    50ml of whatever you want
    25ml lemon juice
    Simple syrup to taste (depends on the spirit/liqueur you start with)
    Egg white
    Shake very well and serve over ice.
    Aromatic bitters.

    1. Try this website : . It has a feature called "in my bar" that lets you enter your inventory and then you can find what drinks you can make with what you have. It also has ratings from users.

      I tend to stick with gin/vodka tonics or bourbon on ice, but if I went the mixed route I generally do Tom Collins or whiskey sours. FYI--the more sugary/sweet the drink the worse the hangover will be if you throw too many back.