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Sep 26, 2008 06:00 PM

Warranties for non-stick cookware?

This has come up a couple times (even just today!) but I thought it really kind of deserved its own thread for discussing in general rather than cluttering people's specific questions that at least in some cases are only somewhat related.

So here is my question: Is it generally regarded that it's not worth the trouble of returning these for replacement under the "lifetime warranty"? Time and time again I have seen people on CH say they don't buy anything but cheap nonstick. Even in the case of the All-Clad thread, there was some assumption that it was a waste and you would be out quite a lot of money, although at least that was 15 years of use.

For me personally I am curious about this now because I have a couple of Calphalon 10" omelet pans that we use for various everyday nonstick stuff. They haven't been abused with metal utensils or anything, but they do finally after several years (more than 5 I know, less than 10 I suspect, not sure exactly) have some wear on the coating. I got these extraordinarily cheaply on I guess some kind of closeout from Amazon. I know at least one of them was just $12.95. That was the second one, enticed by the drop in price. I think I may have paid around $20 for the first one.

Anyway, at those prices it wouldn't be a great loss if I just tossed them and got something else, but I am curious why most people here treat these as disposable when they have a warranty? Do they get out of the warranty on some technicality? Do you just want to try something different by the time they wear out? Or is it just too much of a pain to jump through the hoops of the warranty?

Surely at least a few folks reading this have attempted to invoke these warranties. It would be most appreciated if you would share your experiences.

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  1. jfood returned his 8" NS Calphalon last year. well worth the letter and postage.

    1. Lifetime warranty claims are usually "Limited Lifetime". Limited can mean anything, but usually means limited to the original owner, which means you need a receipt. Also, it's gonna cost 10 bucks to return it. So... 15 for a new pan at TJ Max right now, or 10 bucks and 2 or 3 weeks for the possibility of a replacement pan. Your teflon wore off? Yeah, that's not a defect, it's normal after 10 years of scrubbies. See those feathered edges where it was worn down? Yeah, sorry. Please pay return shipping if you want your pan back.

      I dunno, but I think America has been trending toward a 'disposable' mindset, especially because of electronics. Don't get it fixed, just buy a new one seems to be an attitude that's being applied to too many things.

      1. I bought an All-Clad n/s pan five years ago, and while I got a good deal on it online, it was still expensive. When the pan became less than n/s, I took it to my local Williams-Sonoma to see if they could exchange it. I told them that I had bought it somewhere else and they had no problem with it, that I should pick what I wanted for their selling price.

        1. I had an All-Clad non-stick skillet that finally lost it's non-stick ability. It had to be over 10-15 years old. All-Clad had me send it in and they sent me a brand new one in a couple of weeks. Can't beat that!

          I highly recommend All-Clad.