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Sep 26, 2008 05:50 PM

Winery to visit after Viader...

Will be tasting at Viader tomorrow at 230pm and am looking for another winery to hit near Viader at around 430-500pm. I am considering Failla, but I believe they close at 500pm...any suggestions for a winery (smaller/boutique) in the vicinity of Viader that is open until 600pm?

Viader Winery
1120 Deer Park Rd, Deer Park, CA

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  1. Gosh, nothing is up there in the Pritchard Hill direction or even down the hill in Rutherford or St. Helena that is open late. However, you *may* be able to schedule
    a late appointment, but winery people like to get home to their families in the evening.

    1. Ended up not visiting another winery after Viader...but just wanted to highly recommend Viader to anyone that is looking to taste some Napa Valley wines that are NOT oak bombs. So refreshing (figuratively) to drink well-crafted wines that let the grape varietal and terroir speak instead of masking everything with wood. Now, if their wines were a bit less expensive...