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Sep 26, 2008 05:36 PM

Possibly silly carrot cake question...

I don't own a box grater. Can I grate the carrots in the food processor? I'm attempting one for my husband's birthday on Sunday. Any other tips?


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  1. Sure - do you have one of those grating disks? I don't have any other carrot cake tips though!

    1. If you have a grater attachment...but of course...Another sure that your cream cheese is at room temp and that your confectioner's sugar is sifted...If your recipe does not have you add any vanilla...add some...Basically any time you make a homemade cake, your ingredients, like eggs, butter, etc, should be at room temp...

      1. I usually buy the grated carrots from the produce section. Also the recipe I use (The Silver Palate one) calls for pureed carrots and I use carrot baby food for that.

        1. Absolutely. The food processor can be used to "grate' the carrots. They wouldn't be grated, but ground up. Works just fine. In fact, I have a box grater and use the food processor instead. It's easier, faster, and safer.

          If you want a denser/heavier cake, get some oatmeal and grind it up to a powder. Use that oat flour in place of 1/3 of the regular flour in your recipe. I like carrot cakes that are denser and moister than a standard cake.

          Also, I like to use coconut oil in my carrot cake. It actually looks kind of like Crisco. You can find it in health food stores. It adds just a very sublte hint of coconut and I think it is delicious. Lots of uses for the leftover oil, too.