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Sep 26, 2008 05:06 PM

deshi biryani -- positive delivery experience

i'm a couple of bocks away from deshi biryani, so i usually go there to dine. tonight, however, was feeling a little under the weather and not in the mood to dine alone, so ordered delivery. they're one of those places that store the phone and ask for that, tthen call up the other info. when i ordered, the gent on the other end said 'you haven't ordered lately, the prices have changed. one is 50 cents more now, the other is a dollar more. do you still want to order?' i did. and i don't ever recall getting that disclosure before. the chow, as always, was top notch, i just wish more places would warn of such stuff -- even with a comparatively small differential.

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  1. yeah they are upright citizens there.