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Sep 26, 2008 04:44 PM

Dallas Suggestions?

Hi Chowhounds,
We're visiting Dallas this weekend, looking for some real authentic Mexican, the best Churrascaria, sushi, bbq, and anything else you might suggest. We've never been here before, so unfortunately we have no local frame of reference to give as far as what we think is "good." Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Well, first of all, I would say that our specialty is Tex-Mex, rather than Mexican...We HAVE Mexican, but I think that it is Tex-Mex that you will want to try...There are many places to try this cuisine, and I would suggest Avila's, Rafa's, Mi Cocina, or the original El Fenix downtown...Mexican places would be Cafe Miguel, Trece, or Monica's Aca y Ala's in Deep Ellum...Best Currascaria is Fogo De Chow in that is up for big debate, so I will leave that to my fellow hounds...BBQ...Dallas is not the BEST place for BBQ, but if I had to stay in Dallas to eat it, I would either go to Sammy's BBQ for lunch which is downtown...not open for dinner...or for dinner I might try some ribs at Sonny Bryans...though I cannot speak for the sides...they're okay...Now here is what you want to try that you have not mentioned...You want to try some chicken fried steak with all the fixins, and for that I suggest Babe's in either Garland or Carrollton...You also should be interested in southwestern food, and for that I suggest Stephen Pyles and/or Fearings...these are expensive restaurants but quite good...If you are here on Sunday, go to brunch at one of the Blue Mesa's...great price, and a huge and very good variety of food....Enjoy your visit!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am not sure where you are staying, where you are coming from or your nationality so sorry if you eat any of the suggestions constantly!

      Sushi - Masami in Richardson (Beltline and 75), Yutaka on McKinney Ave Dallas, and Teppo on Lower Greenville Ave in Dallas

      BBQ - skip it and go to Austin for that

      Vietnamese - La Me in Dallas (Walnut and Audelia), Nam Hua in Garland (Belt Line and Jupiter) both excellent in their execution of dishes. Bahn Mi and Bun Cha hanoi is excellent at La Me and so are the desserts. Nam Hua has excellent salads, the seafood hot pot is by far one of my favoirte soups, and the BBQ goat suprisingly lost the gaminess most places have, the crab rangoon was some of the best and I hate it and avoid it most places, the Bahn Xeo was delicate and crispy and still maintained the blance of flavors.

      Skip the Tex-Mex places.....go for the more Mex and I would suggest Taqueria El Paisano on Lombardy...might be a bit rough at night but go during lunch and for such a simple taco it is hard to be beat. Two meats, two tortillas that is it.....pastor and fajita; corn and flour.

      Another just taco stand is Fuel City on Industrial Blvd. They have been rated as the best tacos in Texas in Texas is subjective but the picadillo tacos are very good!

      Also El Paisa at least the Carrollton location is great for a cheap breakfast, the rest of the dishes at the Walnut Hill location have pleased on many tried during the weekday lunch. Posole and Menudo are served on the weekends. There are three locations!

      El Ranchito verges on the Tex-Mex and with the mariachis borders on too "festive" for me but the food is solid and they have some suprises. Grilled cabrito was a favorite of mine.

      I would second the Babes recommendation.

      I am not sure about churrascaria as I am not that big of a gorger of meat. Fogo de Chao is one of the two that has been around the longest so I would assume by default they would be good.

      Also I would go for Chinese. For great all around Authentic chinese and great for Texas but not the best dim sum go to Kirin Court in Richardson.

      Actually I posted on Chinese places before and I will just post my suggestions...all have been tried an tested!

      As you can tell I go mostly for the ethnic places. Another place that got a mention in the Dallas Morning News is Temptations Himalayan and Indian. Both the Nepalese and the Indian side of the menu are very good. I would stay away from the Chinese stuff! If Dee is there she is very willing to answer any questions you might have!

      Taj Chaat House in Irving gets little or no blurbage on this board b/c not to many people would venture into a veggie only Indian place. A sample of the menu is below and it might be confusing when you step up to the counter. There should eb a manager there to help. On a recent visit my dad, wife and I had the Vegetable Biryani (good not great), Tawa Paneer (excellent), and the Medu Vada (excellent)....the naan here is deplorable but if you order a dosa you will be wowed at the size of the thing. The lentil soup they have for free is also excellent. Also if they have it the cumin garbanzo beans for a side on some of the plates are excellent.

      Other than I am out of time save room for a great burger!! Another hotly contested debate here!

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        LewisvillHounder - Thanks for the tip on Taqueria El Paisano - it was awesome. About 5 mins from our hotel. We're from Omaha, NE, and it reminded us of similar tacos we have at home that are equally awesome...Not sure what's on for tonight, but we'll probably pick from your suggestions and let you know what we think.