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Sep 26, 2008 04:25 PM

Place to eat dinner on a Sunday night near the Opera House??

Two friends and I are going to see A Chorus Line on Sunday night at the Boston Opera House and we are trying to find a good place to eat dinner prior to the show. I'm not quite sure where the Boston Opera House is - is it in the Theatre District? All of us like Italian so we are most likely going to try to find something Italian but we are open to suggestions! No Chinatown for us though - one of the group doesn't care for Chinese. Crazy, I know!

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  1. Teatro is just around the corner. Tell them of your timing and they'll accomodate.

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      Anybody out there have an opinions on the food at Teatro?

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        The antipasto is fantastic (and huge). And if the spinach and mascarpone ravioli is still on the menu, I recommend it (if you get the antipasto, you might want a half portion). I've had a couple of other things that I can't remember (but think I liked).

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          Teatro is definitely the best recommendation for that area. You can make a reservation, the food is excellent (second that antipasto platter and their pasta dishes are great), and it's got a fun energy. One of my favorite spots in Boston --w/consistently good food and service --unfortunately I don't get there nearly enough.

    2. The Good Life and Kingston Station are also quite close by. Both serve midscale bistro fare. Good Life is a little more American in style, Kingston skews a bit more French. Personally, I'm partial to Kingston, but they're both quite good.

      1. The Opera House is just a couple of blocks down Washington Street from the old Filene's, not really in the Theater District; the new Ritz is around the corner.

        Good suggestions here already; I think Kingston Station's late-night-menu steak frites (prime skirt, $18) might be the best version of that tired dish in town.

        If you can walk a few blocks, I'd add Silvertone and Marliave to your list. Silvertone is a basement bar with an above-average bar/comfort food menu, a super-bargain-priced wine list, good cocktals, and lively casual atmosphere. Marliave has lovely 19th-century atmosphere, a very nice-priced casual bar menu (1st floor) and a fancier Continental menu upstairs ($62 three-course prix fixe as well as a la carte options). Both levels have great bars serving well-made old-school cocktails.

        The Opera House is also very close to Chinatown. You can search the board for many recs; some of my favorites include Taiwan Cafe for Taiwanese, Peach Farm for Hong Kong-style live-tank seafood, New Shanghai for Shanghainese (it's also a fancy white-tablecloth place by Chinatown standards, with a big American Chinese menu for the timid), and King Fung Garden for Northern Chinese. Shabu-Zen is really fun and fresh if you go early enough; it gets lines at peak times, though.

        If you want a casual, pubby American meal, Jacob Wirth is worthwhile. Avoid the German side of the menu. Fancy, expensive, upscale Olde Boston Yankee/Continental cuisine can be found at Locke-Ober. Troquet is another good mid-high option: very nice French food with one of the best wine lists in town, really catering to wine lovers with long and short tasting pours by the glass.

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          Silvertone is closed on Sundays.

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            Today's Globe: City officials suspend license of New Shanghai restaurant


          2. A few years back my sister and her hubby were coming in to see the Lion King and they asked for a recomendation in that area and I suggested Teatro. They both loved it. It's a place that I always enjoy. The Caesar is one of the best in town and I usually get half a pasta order. I was there last night and a group of six very lively Spanards came in for appetizers and desserts about ten. It's always had a great vibe and is quieter later on, but before the show it should easy to get in and out on time. It is just about two blocks away from the Opera House.

            1. Some restaurants in that area are closed on Sunday. Check to make sure. Teatro is open.