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Sep 26, 2008 04:21 PM

Good but cheap large-volume takeout for family in Houston-Sugar Land?

I'll be in Sugar Land from L.A. this weekend for a funeral service and I'd like to have a ready list of places that provide tasty, good value, and not too unhealthy takeout in large quantities in case I want to pick up food for this family and their various relatives. It should really be in Sugar Land because we won't have time to travel far. It should be able to feed up to 20-30 and perhaps on short notice. I don't want to spend much, but I'd prefer to pay a little more in order to avoid cheap-and-greasy.
I can tell you that many of their relatives will be visiting from Mexico so they'll find that type of food to be most familiar and comforting, but I wouldn't mind more variety.

Please reply with your suggestions for places and specific dishes soon, it will be needed before Sunday. I would greatly appreciate your help, fellow 'hounders. I really want to help this family as much as I can.
Thank you.

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  1. There's a Whole Foods in Sugar Land now. Their deli always has a nice variety.

    1. I'm pretty new to the area but will try to help. As you see there are very few H chowhounds that aren't either new or from Dallas most of the rest have abandoned this board for a private group and only show up over here sporadically when their moderator tells them to.

      Anyway SugarLand seems like a pretty white-bread place. I come in to town from Brazoria Co. and 1 place I found (read about it in the Press) is Huarache Azteca Express in Stafford, about 5 miles east of SL on US 90. It's really good but very small and I'm not sure if they could handle 20-30 takeout at once but you could call ahead. The best thing is the lamb barbacoa. Across the street is Carniceria La Michoacana a local Mexican grocery store chain with a hot food deli that is pretty good and very inexpensive. Plates are $5 and include 2 entrees, 2 sides and tortillas. Between the 2 you could easily take care of food for 15 or so. about as inexpensive as you're going to eat in Houston. A little bilingual ability will be helpful but not necessary.

      Head up Texas 1092 from Stafford to US 59 and Frenchy's Fried Chicken, the local Creole fried chicken chain that's better than Popeye's. SIdes are pricey but there are usually good prices on dark meat boxes.

      Then head back down 59 to SL. Total round trip mileage 15-20 miles, maybe, depending on what part of SL you're in.

      In SL besides WF look for a Kroger Signature store with salad and soup bar, Boar's Head deli, sushi station and some prepared entrees and sides in refriterator cases than can be decent; also ready made sandwiches. I think they'll have ready-made party trays, shrimp trays and the like; the hot food plates are pretty bad, though.

      Sorry I can't offer more knowledge of SL and sorry for your loss.