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Sep 26, 2008 03:47 PM

Peruvian Seeking Authentic Peruvian Cuisine in DFW

I am searching for an authentic, not fusion, Peruvian restaurant to take my Peruvian mother to in DFW area. I will settle for any authentic South American cuisine at this point, I tried one restaurant that claimed to be Peruvian but is was more Mexican spiced than anything else. We also love Argentinian or Colombian food, I am open to any recommendations, thanks tons!

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  1. Do a search for the Peruvian, as I know that there is one in Plano, just have forgotten the Peruvian friend told me about it...For Argentinian food, La Duni has it all for you....2 locations on Mckinney or Oak Lawn, and one of my very favorite restaurants of all time...

    1. I would try out Gran Macchu Picchu in Garland/E. Dallas

      La Esperanza at Josey &190 next to the Target - Carrollton

      Or El Tumi in Irving just north of Story and 183 next to McDonalds.

      I would say go with La Esperanza as it seems to be the best out of all three with the local Peruvian crowd but far from being "authentic" but it is the closest we have.

      For Argentianian I would go to the Argentina Bakery in Irving just north of Belt Line and 183 behind the On The Border (nestled in between Dunes and Half Price Books). I would also check out Don Panza in Oak Cliff for some Argentinian items.

      1. I think the place you're referring to might be ALO, which is by the same people as La Duni. I don't know about it's authenticity, but know that it's distinct from Mexican. It is, however, one of the priciest in town for South American food.

        A Colombian place I've heard very good things about, but never been to is Casa Viejo in Carrolton on Belt Line near the First Chinese BBQ.

        1. El Fogon

          "El Fogon serves the best authentic Latin American Cuisine in North Dallas. Equadorian, Peruvian, and Latin entrees are our specialty."

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            That's an extensive menu. Have you ever been there?

          2. Thank you everyone, I have quite a list to try!!!!

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              I you don't want fusion, avoid Alo. We went there with a friend from Peru who enjoyed the food, but said it wasn't authentic at all.