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Sep 26, 2008 03:44 PM

Miracle on 34th Street in downtown San Jose?

Hi Chowhounds,
I'm planning a holiday luncheon event for a group of about 25-30 art docents in the downtown San Jose area and we preferably would like to be able to walk to the venue. It most likely will be held after we hear a lecture on The Art Treasures of Kabul, Afghanistan, so ethnic food tied to the lecture would be a real plus. The price range is $30pp out the door. A private room would be nice, but certainly not a must. There is a wide range of ages, however everyone is always up for an adventurous culinary experience, as long as quality is there.

In the past we've gone to places of architectural or historical interest and the food was less of a priority, i.e., Hayes Mansion and History San Jose in San Jose, Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park and Gamble Garden Center in Palo Alto. We can also go that route again if someone has a suggestion for a combination facility tour/lunch venue. In that case, rescheduling our lecture would not be a problem and downtown San Jose becomes less of an issue.

I've thought of 71 St. Peter, Il Fornaio, La Pastaia and E&O Trading, but none have that architectural, historical or "artsy" quality that I'm looking for. Besides, judging from their on-line menus, they may not fit within the budget.

What do you think, South Bay hounders? Do I need a Miracle on 34th St. to pull this off?

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