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Sep 26, 2008 03:22 PM

My Eyes were too big for my Cellar!

Each week brings another visit from the Fedex guy and another case of 04 and 05 futures. I'm near max capacity and I have 16 cases on the way. I need an intervention!!

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  1. Always assume you need 3 times the storage you think you need.

    I'll be happy to take your wine off your hands... ;-)

    1. I bought a 400 bottle cellar in February, filled it by May. Picked up three more cases today in Dundee. The only solution is to increase consumption!!!!

      Or just buy another cellar and start the process over again.

      Go Ducks!!!

      1. This is not a new problem. I have a friend with about
        20 years worth of wine consumption in his cellar (8k
        bottles or so) His retirement years will be one very
        long drinking party. If you wine is investment grade,
        you can resell it after a few years. Otherwise,
        it's party time!

        1. Hard to feel sorry for you for your current predicament. I'm sure if you put the word out, you will have plenty of people willing to "intervene" to pare down your cellar...... ;-) Cheers!!