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Sep 26, 2008 03:17 PM

Where to watch tonight's Debate?

Looking for a lively and fun place to watch the presidential debate tonight. Ideally a gastropub or bar with good food and (in case things don't go so well for our guy) good drinks! Would be nice if the debate is the main event, so we can hear what's going on- thought I'm not opposed to booing and cheering :-) I'm in midtown west, but am open to anywhere from the UWS down to the LES. Any thoughts?

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  1. should your tendencies lean this way, the obama campaign is hosting a free debate watching party at the mansion on W. 28th (which serves nice drinks). there's a one drink minimum. don't think food is served, though.

    there have also been prior posts on the subject re: places in the east village, so you might want to try a board search.