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Sep 26, 2008 03:10 PM

Frank's BBQ in Novato - CLOSED

Finally got around to checking out Franks' BBQ in Novato, only to find hand-written signs in the windows stating that Frank's is closed "until farther (sic) notice."

Anyone know what is up with that?

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  1. Don't know about the status of the restaurant itself, but I saw the van driving in the Costco parking lot this morning, so maybe he's just doing catering?

    1. Having tried Frank's a few weeks ago, I'm not surprised. It was about the worst BBQ I've had in a long time. He may have been at Costco buying some cooked ribs.

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      1. re: OldTimer

        I thought his ribs weren't bad at all except, and it's a big except, I actively disliked that green rub that was on them.

        1. re: Mick Ruthven

          I have to agree with Mick, I liked the people and the place and wanted to like the ribs, but I did not like the stuff on them. It tasted like dried rosemary, which is off-putting on barbecued ribs.