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Sep 26, 2008 02:18 PM

LUNCH near California Academy of Sciences

DH & I will be meeting his (senior) parents in San Francisco in late November/early December. We'll be going to the new Academy of Sciences on MONDAY, Dec. 1st. I know there will be two restaurants there, but since they haven't yet opened, I'd like to have a "plan B" for lunch. We'll have a car, and the seniors may have some walking problems, so we need a restaurant where we can park nearby. Foodwise, we're looking for something simple, but tasty. Great sandwiches or simple seafood would work. Most Asian would be out ("too exotic" for the seniors!). Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Park Chow at 9th and Irving might fit the bill. I'm not quite sure how to describe it...maybe New American? Or comfort/homestyle food with a twist? But everything I've had there has been delicious, and it's a pretty short walk from the museum.

    Also, just across the street from the Academy is the cafe at the DeYoung, which is pretty good, and definitely a convenient option!

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      DeYoung is closed on Monday, unfortunately. Would have been nice to take your in-laws up to the tower and see the view. One does not need to purchase museum admission to do that.

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        Thanks. I checked out Park Chow's website and it looks perfect for our needs that day. I can easily find something each of us will enjoy on the menu---admittedly NOT an easy feat!
        Too bad about the De Young being closed that day. I'll keep it in mind if we get back to the area that week.

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          Thanks for the link, but while several of the places listed appeal to DH & I, most would be too exotic for the seniors!

        2. Chow is definitely a great choice...perfect for a casual lunch and dependable for quality. You might also try Cha Cha Cha just off the park on Haight St - great food, unique atmosphere and killer sangria..

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            Cha Cha Cha sounds interesting---but their website says they are only open for dinner. Are they now open at lunchtime?

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              Yes, both restaurants are open, so with seniors, might be more convenient to just eat at the museum. If not, I would say Park Chow or Pacific Catch would be good alternatives because they're physically closest to the park's Lincoln and 9th St. entrance.

            2. And yet today, a very nice -- and funny -- write-up of the Museum by Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle:

              "But you're wondering about the cafeteria. It is designed in the modern manner, with stations rather than one long snaky line. There's a dim sum station, and a Vietnamese spring roll station, and a quesadilla station and a grilled things station. All very healthy; men armed with special cell-stun devices stand ready to maim any trans fat that attempts to enter the eating area.

              "Oh, and there's a noodle station. Three kind of noodles - spaghetti, penne and rice. A lot of kids gravitate to the noodles. And here's a fact: A lot of kids just want a little butter on their noodles. They don't want the special secret sauce that goes into the $10 noodle entree. A person can ask for rice noodles with just butter, say, but not without the chef sighing and rolling his eyes. Look, put it on the sign. Name it after a penguin. Rice noodles with butter, butter from cows so happy they compose sonnets in their spare time. "