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Sep 26, 2008 01:46 PM

Hollywood Delivery

We live in Hollywood very close to The Bowl off Cahuenga. Anyone have suggestions on GREAT places for delivery pizza, subs/hoagie's, wings, etc.? We've had Village Pizza and loved it. Also open to other food too...not just pizza. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. We're a little south of you (near La Brea and Melrose), and our standard delivery places are:

    Vito's Pizza -- Great NY style pizza, though the wait for delivery can be long.
    846 N La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    (310) 652-6859‎

    Caffe Angeli -- very good pizza, great fresh baked bread, and nice pasta, etc.
    7274 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    (323) 936-9086

    East India Grill -- good Indian food and great nan. Love their eggplant bharta (sp?) and the delivery is always super fast.
    345 N La Brea Ave # A
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 936-8844

    Jerry's Deli -- I know, it's expensive and not a very good deli, but they deliver, their chicken/matzo ball soup is good, and sometimes a big bowl of hot chicken soup and a half turkey sandwich are just the thing.
    8701 Beverly Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90048
    (310) 289-1811

    I suspect (but you'll obviously need to confirm) that most of these places will deliver a bit further north as well.

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    1. re: David Kahn

      I think Bossa Nova Sunset delivers within those parameters. Very good brazilian and brazilian influenced italian. Some of their pizzas are outstanding (I recommend the portuguesa.) The don't close until 4:00 am.

      Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine
      7181 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

      1. re: David Kahn

        This is a GREAT list for those who live in that area, I used to live there myself and ordered regularly from nearly all of these spots. I would also add Joom Bangkok Cafe and Wok Master.

      2. I LOVE people that show up on my doorstep with food. Depending on my mood (hungover or just hungry), I go for Bossa Nova, Jones, Louises Trattoria, and Pizza Hut. Let me explain. Bossa Nova is an awesome Brazillian place, and they have great salads, and a wonderful vegan soup. Jones is kind of Americana, great chicken, wasabi mashed potatos that everyone goes nuts for. Louises, although not "real" Italian, is easy, good, and I know the menu by heart, so I can order from my car, and have the food meet me at the house. And Pizza Hut? I save that for my severly hung-over days. So greasy and disgusting and delicious. Oh, I almost forgot about LaLa's Argentinian Grill, on Melrose. Pretty good. Pasta's, salads, steak and chicken. I wasn't aware that East India Grill delivered, probably because I have always eaten there, but I think it's the best Indian food in town. Try their korma-it's unbelievable!

        1. Thanks to all that posted! We've tried the Bossa Nova in WeHo but not the one on Sunset. We liked it a lot! Also checked out LaLa's for the first time last weekend and that was great too. Tasty sangria but I doubt they'll deliver that !

          Had a friend at work talk about a place called Jones that was on Melrose (maybe?) right near Highland. I thought she said it was Italian though so might be a different place. Anyway, she said she loved it.

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          1. re: TwoGuys90068

            When it comes to dine-in, Bossa Nova is one of my favorite restaurants in Hollywood. Yes, some of the menu items are sub-par, but if you stick with the classics (traditional chicken, shrimp, any of their pizzas) it is truly amazing.

            That said, I have never in my life witnessed a restaurant CHOKE so hard when it comes to delivery.

            According to google maps, I live 7 minutes from Bossa Nova Sunset (though I can usually get there in 5.)

            I have ordered delivery from them probably 5 times now.

            I have NEVER received my food in less than an hour.

            I have NEVER received a pizza that was made to my specifications (I like my pizzas "easy on the cheese". This has never happened. I like to omit certain toppings, never happens, etc.)

            I have NEVER received a pizza that wasn't so cold I had to stick it in the microwave in order to enjoy it.

            (it is not easy to pick off unwanted toppings on a cold pizza!)

            Every time I get delivery from Bossa I end up swearing it off... then I get dragged there by friends and hey... I dine in and love it.

            So I give them another chance at delivery... then swear them off again.

            Bossa Nova is a restaurant that will always be busy, and will always make money off of their dine-in crowd. Unfortunately they know this, and because of this they do not give 2 shits about their delivery business.

            Sad but true.

            1. re: HollywoodLocal

              Howdy, neighbor! Bossa Nova is great, but yes, the delivery time is minimum one hour, even if you are right next door. But since I'm convinced they put crack in the rice and beans, I keep ordering.

              The El Pollo Loco on Sunset and La Brea will deliver. Before Village Pizzeria, we ordered from Palermo's in Los Feliz, but only their pizza, light on the cheese.

              We've started ordering from Birds on Franklin by the Gelson's. It's nice to have a place that delivers salads. Haven't found a good Chinese delivery place yet, or a good Thai place that delivers. The Indian place we ordered from closed, and we've been ordering from Anarkali, but it's only ok. Will have to try East India and see if they'll deliver.

              1. re: Slackerchick

                Gate of India on Sunset and Gardener is the bomb and has consistent 45 min delivery. Tandoori Nights on Santa Monica and Crescent Heights is a good alternative. For thai, you gotta be kidding! 2 of the best in the city - Pink Pepper and Kinaree Thai - are right near you. I know Kinaree delivers for sure.

                1. re: Slackerchick

                  The Green Tea House on Sunset is great for Chinese delivery. Fast, affordable and great food. They are also really friendly and the portions are fairly big in my opinion.

                  1. re: Slackerchick

                    I never knew Birds delivers. That's one to try.

                    Village Pizzaria has been a great addition to the neighborhood. We order from them frequently. Mostly delivery, but sometimes we pick it up.

              2. Hmm. Bossa Novas delivery has never been that bad of an experience. Yes, it has taken about an hour, but almost every place I order from (even Pizza Hut!) takes that long nowadays. Gone are the days of "30 minutes or it's free!" Also, twoguys, if you order Bossa Nova, be SURE to get the Coxcina (I know I'm spelling it wrong!) appetizer, it's a fried ball of dough, cheese and chicken. So good!! And Jones is on Formosa and Santa Monica, and I guess it has some Italian influenced stuff--pizzas, etc. I wouldn't call it an Italian restaurant. Maybe your friend is confusing it with Mozza, which is on Melrose and Highland, and is Italian. I forgot to mention before that Domianos on Fairfax delivers untill 6 AM. And they'll probably deliver beer and wine.

                1. We used to order from Farfalla, Zankou chicken and Canter's. Moving to the Echo Park severely inhibited our ordering in abilities, until we started using LABite, which will also deliver to Hollywood from a vast number of restaurants. It's pricey though.