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Sep 26, 2008 01:00 PM

The30-day, Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

A beloved fellowed Chowhound recently stated "there is no good pizza in Tulsa."

I take exception to that edict. Comments like that always seem to come from someone who lived on the coast or in NY, and when they say "your pizza sucks" we seem to cower and take it without standing up for our pizza restaurants.

I know darn good and well there is good pizza in the Tulsa metropolitan area. I have 4 places I would nominate for above average. And I imagine most Tulsa chows do as well..... however, my challenge is this. In the next 30 days..... try at least 2 more pizza places that you'venever been to before. (non-chain please -- or just strictly local chain) and report back here.

Let's find the best pizza in Tulsa before the end of October.

My early nominees, however I plan to venture out and try a few places I've never been to like La Roma, Pizza Hole, and whatever else I can find.

Best dinner pizza for pleasing the whole family : Hideaway
Best deep dish pizza: OMG. Savastrano's in Bixby. Unreal.
Best NY style thin crust: Mario's on 51st.
Close runner up, Umberto's.

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  1. Great idea!

    La Roma is by far my overall favorite, but, okay, twist my arm, I'll eat more pizza. I've tried all the ones you mentioned except Pie Hole.

    I like the Hideaway special: eight slices, each with a different topping. Works great when you have picky kids.

    Is Mario's still there? What is their plan with the I-44 expansion?

    I've had Savastano's maybe 4-5 times. The last time, when we got the deep dish, it was COLD in the middle. Not cool, COLD. The cheese was melted and it seemed cooked through so I'm not sure how it happened, but I've been turned off ever since.

    NYC Pizza is not bad. I like to top it with ricotta, spinach, and tomato.

    There was a really great place called Zarino's near 71st and Sheridan, but they closed down about a year ago. They used a wood-fired oven and put the sauce on top of the cheese, giving it a deep, rich, roasted tomato flavor.

    I've been meaning to try the pizza at Sonoma. Having lived in San Diego for 10 years I'm a tough sell on California-style pizza. I'll give it a try and report back.

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    1. re: Jocelyn P

      Mario's is still there. I believe they are just moving across the street to the strip mall over there along with Bodean's. I ate there fairly recently at the original location, but they did have a sign up about moving, I just can't remember the date.

      Hate to hear that about Savastrano's. I've always had really good pizza there. It is definitely a splurge pizza for me, both calorie-wise and money-wise. I haven't tried their thin crust pizza, so I'll need to add that to my list.

      I saw a brief thing on TV about a place with wood-fired ovens up north, in Claremore maybe? I'll have to research it and find it. La Roma has been on my places to try list.

      Does anyone else remember the pizza restaurant that was on Lewis near 61st years ago.... where the Blue Snail bar is now? I absolutely loved their pizzas. The place had beautiful decor, the pizza was good.... so of course it disappeared. :(
      I drove by "the Pizza Shoppe" in Bixby the other day, will have to try it too.

      1. re: Firegoat

        I'm glad to hear Mario's will stay in business. It's great for a quick slice at lunchtime.

        I have a friend who raves about the thin crust at Savastano's. I think it's fine, but again, La Roma is my gold standard here in Tulsa. The crust has the texture of a focaccia bread, but it's crispy on the bottom. The sauce is very simple--intense tomato, I'm guessing with very few other ingredients. Their cheese and toppings are high quality and the overall balance is just right. I'm taking the kids there for lunch today, but for a cabbage roll fix.

        I've been to the Pizza Shoppe and wasn't wowed. Not bad, just not worth the trip across town for me.

        1. re: Jocelyn P

          Best Tulsa Pizza
          Excellent idea!

          I have a thin crust nominee Minuteman Pizza in Sand Springs 38 years in business. This area of Sand Springs was once called Pratville My favorite is the homerun style pizza at minuteman. Also they have a good toasted Italian submarine sandwich called the “Dobber Doo” and tasty garlic cheese bread. I have been eating here for over 20 years and enjoying their excellent thin crust.

          A few more to add:
          Andolini's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Owasso
          They have a 20” pizza that they claim is the largest in Oklahoma. I have only been here once it was very good.

          Louie’s Sports Bar in South Tulsa had a pretty good bar style pizza

          Arris’ in Owasso looks promising in the press. I have not made it there. It appears to be a regional chain with five other locations in Missouri.

          Sorry to hear that the Zarino’s closed down on 71st Street. I had heard good things about them. I googled Zarino’s and found one in Broken Arrow. It has been since been renamed to Nico’s. Anyone been here or heard anything?

          I remember the place at 62nd and Lewis. It was good. Can’t remember the name!

          Thanks for reminding me about La Roma. I haven’t been there in a while.

          1. re: hdtravlr1

            oh good post. I hadn't heard of any of those other than reading about Arris.

            Isn't it frustrating not being able to remember that one on Lewis... I loved that place.
            Sand Springs is pretty convenient for me, I'll have to try the Minuteman

            1. re: Firegoat

              Thought of another bar style pizza place Cowboy Sharkies in Tulsa. It was pretty tasty.

              Has anyone tried Joe Momma’s pizza in Tulsa?

          2. re: Jocelyn P

            I finally visited Mario's new location, across the street (51st) from their old location (now bulldozed). I'm happy to report that the quality of food is unchanged. I liked the new location. It was a larger space with more tables and more ROOM between tables -- which was particularly appreciated as the only complaint I could make about the old place was lack of space and being crammed in too closely with your neighbors. The bf and I each ordered a slice of the thin crust and it tasted just as good as it did when it was at the old location.

          3. re: Firegoat

            I figured out the name of the pizza place that was on Lewis near 61st Street in Tulsa.
            It was il Vicino. Vist their website The nearest one to us is in Wichita.

            1. re: hdtravlr1

              oh thank you for posting that. I had no idea they were a chain....
              at least now I know where to find them

              1. re: Firegoat

                Your welcome!
                I didn't know it was a chain either till I started searching for it.

                1. re: hdtravlr1

                  Actually, the place was at 59th & lewis: My Pi. A franchise of MyPie out of Chicago / Minnesota. Closed down a few months after a massive flood in that part of town. There's one left in business - same menu:

                  1. re: tucco

                    My pi was a great pizza place. That was about twenty years ago on Lewis in Tulsa. I miss even more than the place at 62nd and Lewis!

          4. re: Jocelyn P

            I went to a new place and had a slice. Uncle Vinny's Pizza. They are in the old Zarino's location at 71st and Sheridan. The have a place in Broken Arrow also. The slice was not bad. Just not as good as Marios or Umbertos

            1. re: hdtravlr1

              I took your advice and visited Andolinis and Arris's pizza. Andolini's pizza was very good , the crust was crisp and chewy, the sauce was tangy and the cheese was slightly buttery / slightly salty - they used quite a lot too. Overall - one of the best pizzas i've had. On the other hand Arris's was a very thin cracker like crust with a plain tomato sauce. The cheese was bland and my overall impression wasnt that good