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Sep 26, 2008 12:36 PM

Best SLICE of pizza on the Upper West Side?

Looking for a great slice... all suggestions appreciated. I'm not looking for a sit down/order a pie place; just want something quick, delicious, authentically NY. (And not Ray's Original, please.)

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  1. in my opinion you won't find a "great" slice on the uws

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      1. re: sardinefan

        Mariella (8th Ave between 56th/57th) serves a good slice.

    1. How about "above average for the neighborhood" - try Sal and Carmine's on 101/Bwy

      Not your traditional slice, but there's PINCH on 82nd/Columbus

      Then there's plenty of average - Rigoletto, New Pizza Town etc.

        1. re: Barcelonian

          Patsy's and Dean's is both by the pie..

          Sal and Carmines is your best choice.

          1. re: Daniel76

            the place on 69th and columbus on the west side of the street is passable....basically tall the slice places on the UWS suck...Deans's is pretty crappy for pies...

            1. re: Cpalms

              I assume you're referring to Rigoletto, the one mid-block between 69/70 with the bench out front. We refer to it as "designer pizza". I actually think the pizza at La Traviata on W 68th between Broadway and Columbus is at least as good, maybe better but the interior itself isn't so appetizing in appearance. Better for take-out.

              My gripe with both places, but especially Rigoletto, is that they seem to rarely have fresh pies, unless you're sure to visit during peak times.

        2. I rather like the slices at the pizza parlor on Amsterdam between 79th and 80th next to Bourbon Street. Of course that might be because I get it only when I've just left Bourbon Street.

          1. not traditional, but tasty slice at Grandaisy, 72nd & BWay, next to Gray's Papaya.

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            1. re: HLing

              yes, very tasty. Went to Grandaisy for the first time a few weeks ago. yummy!