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Sep 26, 2008 10:58 AM

Reading Terminal Market

Thinking of heading down to the city tomorrow and of course that requires a stop at the RTM. I heard that one cheese steak place was being booted. Is it still there? If not what replaced it? Anything new? Thinking about trying the turkey rueben from what my friends call "that Thanksgiving place", Bassets Turkey or something.
But DiNic's is directly across the way. I might get stuck in the middle, being pulled one way and then the other until they close. Any other suggestions on what I should have for lunch? I'm already planning on grabbing soft pretzels to munch on later.

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  1. Rick's (the cheesesteak place) is still there, they are leaving the end of Oct I believe. The Turkey place is "Original Turkey", some sort of argument with the Bassets Original Turkey people. Their turkey is usually very good - you can see it befor ethey slice it so you'll know if it is cooked the way you like. Many people love Hershel's, (beside original turkey) although all I can vouch for is their cole slaw which is wonderful. Also, consider going to the Chicken place behind the Dutch eating Place and beside the Amish milk and Juice vendor (on Arch). The Rotiserie chicken wings are perfectly done and have crispy skin. Enjoy!

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      Those wings sound sooo good! Can't wait til tomorrow!

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        Don't go to Rick's for chessesteak. A few months after I heard they were closing or getting kicked out of RTM, I realized I never has a cheesesteak from Rick so I went there for lunch. What a mistake, it was small, greasy and overpriced. I feel sorry for all the tourists who wait in line for this so called sandwich.

      2. Rick's Steaks, the merchant who is essentially being booted for political reasons, is still in the market until October 31st.

        I know that Bassett's has decent turkey sandwiches but some people say they are a little dry.

        DiNic's roast pork with provolone and broccoli rabe is a sure winner. That is my typical "go to" place and to me is the best sandwich in the market and possibly all of Philly. Just don't go too late in the afternoon or they may run out of rabe.

        One possibility, should you feel the need to eat somewhere else for lunch is to get a disassembed sandwich at DiNic's to go. What they do is to wrap up the roll and cheese together and put the pork and the rabe in another container. A few minutes in your microwave, and you're set. I actually do this every week because I get a few sandwiches for meals the following day.

        The other food in the market that is not to be missed are the pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place. They do fix them at lunch and I am sure plenty of other people will be enjoying them.

        The pretzels at Fisher's are great but I have found that they do not transport all that well.

        You could always get some cookies from Fourth St, some chocolate peanut butter pretzels from Mueller's, or some raspberry iced raspberry swirled pound cake slices from Termini's (if they have them) or nirvana pastries if they have switched to their fall menu items.

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          Thanks for the great ideas! Yeah the pretzels never make it very far. Munch munch munch.

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            Dienner's chicken from the Amish section is the way to go,

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              Thanks Brightman for the name of the place! I'm in the RTM one to three days a week and I just don't remember half the names, just where they are!

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                My rampage at the RTM today sept 27 2008: My friend and I got to the tourney early and cut loose for some fast snacks. We shared a chocolate milkshake from bassets, super creamy as always and even tastier as it got a little closer to room temp. We grabbed three soft pretzels with butter from Fischer's. They were piping hot and the smell alone was enough to make me giddy. After a couple of rounds I convinced my friend to ditch the tourney so that we would have time for lunch at one of the places that tends to close on the early side. I checked out Dienner's chicken and it is tucked away but very popular. There was a hefty line and not a lot of visible chicken left. But the chicken I saw was gorgeous. If it wasn't real life I'd swear it had been photo-shopped! The Dutch Eating Place proved too tempting. There was no line and open seats, because we got there around two thirty or three. The hot turkey sandwich platter just called out to me. I could have been all logical and tried to get something unusual or hard to find but it was just what I was in the mood for. The real mashed potatoes were hot and wonderful, as was the gravy and turkey. My friend got the chicken pot pie with little homemade noodles. It was also very tasty. I got some refreshing lemonade and my friend wasn't thirsty because he had just had some fresh squeezed orange juice. Our raid continued as we assaulted the Fourth Street Cookie Company. I'm just nibbling on them now at home as I was pretty stuffed by then. But we continued to Old City Coffee where my friend got awesome hot cocoa and I got coffee to sip on the train home. Best of all I have leftovers! Thanks for all the great suggestions, I have to get back there again soon.

          2. I don't think anyone has mentioned it yet, but I really love the italian hoagie from Salumeria. Also, I never see anyone talking about it, but I really like the rib sandwich from the Amish bbq stand (I haven't been in a while, but I assume it's still there.

            1. I just fell in love all over again - at RTM the other day for lunch. Had fabulous chicken lemongrass soup, all brothy and full of cilantro and ginger. Many cheeses went home with me. Resisted the bookstall.

              1. I was at RTM that weekend as well!!! LOL. I found "the Rib Stand" to have one of the BEST BBQ pork sandwiches I've ever had. Great BBQ!!!

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                  That's the place I mentioned! I just couldn't remember the name. Thanks, and I"m glad you liked it.