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Sep 26, 2008 10:33 AM

The Bushnell, Hartford, CT

I'm going to see a show in February at The Bushnell and would love reccomendations for places to eat nearby. Mid-priced, someplace that will take a reservation is a plus. Thanks!

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  1. Depends how "nearby" you are looking for. The Bushnell is quite close to most anything in downtown Hartford. But probably the closest places are Firebox and Vito's.

    1. I second Vito's by the Park. I haven't been to Firebox. Vito's waiters are used to diners who are on a tight schedule because they're going to the Bushnell. Others worth considering but a litte further away are Morton's (not mid-priced though), Dish, Feng, Max Dowtown and Vivo at the Marriott (surprisingly good for a hotel restaurant). All take reservations.

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        Consider Dulce (next to Vito's), Peppercorn's, or Black Eyed Sallies, the only place I'd walk to besides Vitos.

      2. There are a couple of places what would fit the bill, but not within walking distance. There is the First and Last Tavern on Maple Ave. Also on Franklin Ave. is Carbone's and another place on Franklin Ave. I will post the web sites of the 3 of them and you can check them out. ( ( Also ( This with the others should help you a little. Earle Ct.