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Sep 26, 2008 10:02 AM

U Street Corridor dining-

any suggestions for deliciousness down there? not fancy, but not pizza on the corner either. :)

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  1. I really love Creme. It feels like really good homestyle cooking, with a bit of a Southern bend. They make a great roast chicken, shrimp and grits, etc. You should also get the mushroom appetizer and the coconut cake. I could make a meal out of both! :)

    I also like Cork for small plates and wine. St. Ex is good for both brunch and dinner.

    1. There are so many great options on U Street now. In addition to Elyssa's recs, Vinoteca is really great. I also really like Oohs and Ahs (not fancy, but delish!) and Etete. Also, if you're ever in the mood for great Greek takeaway, The Greek Spot does a fantastic chicken gyro.

      Finally, I think Marvin is really good too. Good bistro fare and fun scene! Have fun exploring U Street!

      1. Bar Pilar has become one of my favorite restaurants, almost all small plates, very seasonal. But there's so much around there....

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          I heartily second Bar Pilar. I was put off for a while (a couple of years) for some reason - something about the front just isn't welcoming or something. And I used to go to St. Ex pretty frequently (same owners, maybe? I think?). But recently, St. Ex has been absolutely atrocious - the menu hasn't changed since I started going around 2005/2006, the food is prepared without any care whatsoever, the service is juvenile and indifferent, the place seems to need a HEARTY scrubbing... all things that alone are forgiveable, but combine to stirke the place off my rotation for a long, long while. Bar Pilar keeps pleasantly surprising me, on the other hand. I've had really good lentils and sausage, a very flavorful small steak w/ latkes, a lovely bacon and fried egg salad, among other things (the only mediocre thing so far has been a boring corn soup). The bartenders are unobstrusive, but warm and attentive and I've had some excellently mixed cocktails. Very nice place to start/spend/end an evening...

        2. My gf and I find ourselves returning to Coppi's Organic every few months. I used to go with a bicycle-obsessed friend because of the old Italian cycling theme. It's known mainly for its hearty, homemade pastas but they also have far-better-than-corner brick oven pizzas. The menu rotates frequently so you can work through their offerings. The location is central and the size of the dining area is just large enough to feel comfortable without becoming Lauriol Plaza. My only complaint: sometimes they have the music way too loud in the early evening.

          I also like Simply Home, a couple doors away. Downtempo minimal dance music + modular furniture + thai food that is *slightly* glitzy but still has very filling portions. It's never crowded when I've been in there, and the relaxed atmosphere includes a little shop next door with various Asian trinkets and home products.

          1. Queen Makeda for Ethiopian food, bvery much a family-run operation.

            Also, Oohs and Aahs for true hole-in-the-wall soul food. Four stools in front of the kitchen. Go for the grilled shrimp with greens and rice with gravy as sides. Lemon pepper wings are a great alternate.