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Sep 26, 2008 09:57 AM

Burnaby vs Richmond - Foodie on the move!

Hi Everyone!

I am a foodie currently residing in Calgary, but plan on moving to either Richmond or Burnaby with my significant other by this coming New Year. Now, my husband and I are deciding which would be a better place to live considering all the great food that's in BC. We narrowed it down to either Burnaby or Richmond due to their abundance in Asian cuisine and close proximity to Vancouver. But I would like your opinion on this matter. Since were young and don't have children and work quite a bit - we eat out a lot, it really has become a very big part of our lifestyle.

Your help in this decision making process is greatly appreciated !!! ( : D ) Thank you guys!

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  1. if its strictly aboiut food and asian specifically then Richmondf or sure, but i personally i would much prefer living in Burnaby

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      I agree with vandan. I live close to Burnaby and it's not as central when it comes to food like Richmond but its improving in a lot of areas. Besides it's not a long drive to Richmond.

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        Food plays a factor, but of course it's not all about food. Just wanted to get an idea of which area has a good combination of food and living. Thanks for your response!

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          Once the Skytrain line is running to Richmond Center then living in Richmond will be a lot more appealing. According to Translink - it will take 25(?) mins to get from Richmond Center station to downtown Vancouver. I hate crossing bridges and would loathe to drive to and from Richmond on a daily commute.

          I grew up in Richmond and my parents still live there --so I know it fairly well. The city itself (IMO) is farily well planned...lots of amenities, good libraries, good schools, etc. The malls on #3 Rd are another story - utter chaos. The area around Steveston is quite nice.

          The food in general is excellent - especially Chinese as you can imagine.

      2. I'd have to side with Burnaby on this one. Thought not born-and-raised in this area, I'd say you can still get a decent level of variety and quantity of Asian cuisine in Burnaby (though at an absolute level, Richmond would clearly take the title on that, especially in the Chinese segment). And Burnaby on the whole, probably less overwhelmingly Asian in terms of lifestyle, so perhaps a better a little relief on that front, if so desired.

        1. I live in southeast Van, so I'm kind of in the middle of both Richmond and Burnaby. I've got to vote for Burnaby. Sure, Richmond's got great asian food - and I've certainly driven there for speciic cravings now and again, but for the most part, I think Burnaby's a better place to live. The traffic in Richmond is pretty much reason 1, 2, and 3 for why I wouldn't live there. In Burnaby, it's true, Crystal Mall is going to cover all of your asian cravings. Plus there's a T & T Supermarket inside Metrotown Centre. Also there are some great non-asian restaurants in Burnaby as well, up on Hastings Street. Great italian restaurants. Good luck with your decision!

          1. Richmond has the farmers markets/u-pick farms (a large part of Richmond is agricultural), the fresh seafood (you can buy it off the boats from the fishermen themselves in Steveston) in addition to the recent (past 20 years) Asian specialty shops/restaurants that have emerged and clustered around No 3 Road. For these reasons, I'd choose Richmond over Burnaby if it was fresh and diverse ingredients you were after.

            From the standpoint of eating out in restaurants, neither Richmond or Burnaby would be overwhelming choices. Contrary to popular belief, it takes no more time to drive from Richmond to Vancouver as it does from Burnaby to Vancouver, but it can also vary greatly depending on your starting/ending points.

            Biggest geographical differences:

            Richmond is a flat island in the mouth of the river.
            Burnaby is hilly and forested.

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              FWIW Richmond is also over a bridge, which nearly always means additional traffic headaches (not that traffic anywhere in Greater Vancouver is fun these days). If you are young/no kids and renting, you might want to consider Kitsilano rather than a 'burb. There seem to be lots of suites available right now...