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Sep 26, 2008 08:20 AM

Where to buy squid ink??

I need to score some for this weekend. Any suggestions??? Thank you endlessly...

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  1. I have gotten it from either Courthouse or New Deal in the past (both the sacs from fresh squid, but also from a jar), I think between the two you would be able to get it today. You might also try Capone's or Salumeria Italiana (less likely), but I would call both of these first. There are small packets sometimes sold frozen, jars (a real lot).

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      Best I've gotten was from New Deal Fish Market. FYI it's located on Cambridge St. at Fulkerson in East Cambridge.

    2. You might try the new Spanish market next to Estragon on Harrison Ave. It is called Las Ventas. Would call first 617-266-0905. I think I saw little packets of it there near the cash register. Does it usually come as a liquid because I don't think these packets were?

      1. I'm not an expert at this..did it twice. If you can find whole uncleaned squid (Chinatown mkts), you can extract it yourself. I suppose practice makes perfect..:)

        eta..agree with hew Deal or Courthouse..lot easier..:)