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Sep 26, 2008 07:35 AM

lunch in leesburg or middleburg

Casual anniversary celebration tomorrow with some antique hunting and lunch in Va horse country. Recommendations for a nice lunch? Doesn't have to be fancy, but would like the food to be really good.

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  1. My husband and I have had lunch at the French Hound in Middleburg. Very charming setting and good food. Their web site is

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    1. If you'd consider going a bit past Middleburg, you might like to consider Hunter's Head Tavern in Upperville. The atmosphere is casual and the food is excellent -- British pub fare and a bunch of other stuff. The atmosphere is very horsey. And there are a lot of antique shops as you head out Rt. 50 on your way there and beyond.

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        Another vote for Hunters Head. Try the 3-cheese fondue as a shared appetizer

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          I'll third that. Their bread alone is worth the drive. Everything on the menu is organic, and all of the meat is raised around the corner at the owner's property (Aryshire Farm). Great grilled Bangers with hot mustard, and delicious pot pies and guinness beef stew. For something a little less casual, try Girasole in the Plains (Northern Italian).

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            Hunters Head has wonderful food. If it's a nice day, hopefully you can sit outside.

        2. Leesburg- tuscarora mill ( is excellent. not huge portions at lunch, which is a good thing- imho! They have a fantastic Sunday brunch as well, everything from salmon, roast with mashed potatoes, roasted eggplant, frittatas, tarts, fudge, bread pudding... an endless opportunity to be a glutton. :)

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            In Leesburg, LIghtfoot is a far better choice.

          2. Another nice place in Girasole in The Plains. A bit south of Middleburg. A nice drive through the heart of horse country. Top notch food and service.

            1. Thanks to you all for the recommendations!

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                  I like Tuscarora Mill better than Lightfoot, but I've eaten at Tuscarora a million times, so that's probably why.

                  They're all good.

                  And I've already poured my heart out about my love for Girasole on another thread.

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                    We went to the Hunter's Head Tavern (my dear husband was determined to celebrate REALLY casually, so wore shorts, which didn't seem the right look for either French Hound or Girasole, based on our pre-departure look at their websites). We had a lovely evening - had a delicious turkey pot pie and sticky toffee desert that not only had cake AND toffee, but also creme anglais (or whatever the pub name is for creme anglais). We waddled out. We never made it to Leesburg, but saw both Girasole and French Hound and they both look like they'd be well worth the drive through the countryside, which was beautiful, even in a bit of rain. Tuscarora and Lightfoot both got great recommendations from friends, so it seems that we'll need to go back, especially as we didn't buy any antiques, so still have the shopping excuse, as if we needed one.

                    Thanks to all for the recomendations!

                    1. re: andrea12345

                      Thanks so much for taking the time to report back. Glad you enjoyed HH. Though you didn't mention the bread. I hope they haven't changed it!