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Sep 26, 2008 07:08 AM

your thoughts on simon pearce?

hey all,
i'm planning a last-minute event (.e.g. don't know if i'll have time to visit the site before the date) and i want to do something extra-extra-extra special. a couple places were suggested to me - general warren, dilworthtown inn, duling kurtz, taquet, passerelle, savona and simon pearce among them. we've pretty much ruled out all except for passerelle and simon pearce just because we've done them already and we want this to be something new & special for the guest of honor. simon pearce looks like a really gorgeous setting, and the glass would make for a nice gift - but most importantly, and why i'm turning to you all... how's the food?! :) thanks!

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  1. passerelle has long since closed and been replaced with pond/bistro cassis. As far as simon pearce goes... last i knew the chef there was a guy named barry sexton (this was a few years back), and the food was in no way worth the drive out there. For example... sesame crusted tuna with the obligatory Asian sides... wasabi ponzu whatever... soy mango glaze cliche something or another. The restaurant itself is nice and if you can get a table by the window it is a beautiful view. You feel like you're suspended over the river. Honestly though, the view at waterworks from the outside patio is just a good if not better. One thing about taquet, the chef clark gilbert just left. I don't know if they've replaced him with someone better or worse, but it may be a different experience since last time you were there.

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      good stuff - thanks for the info!!! pond i've actually heard of, and have wanted to visit for some time now! have you been there?

      i heard so-so things about waterworks when they first opened but haven't been there either. it does look like it would have an amazing view. i would LOVE to hold something in the city but not sure if my group would travel that far - but it might be worth looking into.

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        I have heard Waterworks has not improved.

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      1. thanks for the recs, guys. i ended up at pond with my group and they did a great job - AND i got to try a new place! we had a special menu with butlered hors d'ouvres and a few stations. i guess it wouldn't be fair to review them as a restaurant, since we didn't do any sit-down table service, but as far as a special event place, i would highly recommend them. the food was great, the service impeccable and the decor gorgeous. we had booked a room for 75 people - we were in the room directly to your left as you walk in, and we had a mini room behind that as well with tables, that we didn't really use.

        some highlights:
        - scallops, plainly cooked - simple & perfect!
        - crab-stuffed mushrooms - perfect flavors, not your typical bland crab in a mushroom. something i actually had to have like 6 of, they were so good - the mushroom was excellent.
        - the tomato/moz salad - very meticulous! the cherry tomatoes were all peeled. very simple, great dressing, absolutely delicious.
        - the cheese ravioli in a cheese sauce - totally decadent and creamy.

        great place for a nice event. not cheap, but well-handled. :)

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          I'm glad to hear that. I had a lot of events there when it was Passerelle and I still can't get over the fact that it's not anymore. I had a nice family dinner at Cassis there recently.

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