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Looking for something good for tomorrow lunch in Chinatown...

I live near Chinatown and want to try something new for lunch tomorrow. Given that the weather is still supposed to be bad would prefer someplace to eat-in instead of take-out. Open for anything! I find myself going to the same three places in Chinatown all the time and I am looking to do something different.

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  1. Joe Shanghai soup dumplings on Pell, Jin Fong for dim sum (not sure if i spelled the name right)

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      I second Joe's Shanghai, and I find their soup dumplings the most flavorful I've had in chinatown. I do not recommend shanghai cafe, which I was surprised was recommend in these boards a bit, I find it to be of mediocre-poor quality.

    2. New Malaysia, between Elizabeth and Bowery in the chinese arcade. Chicken curry noodle soup....epic

      1. duck on rice to go from ny noodletown, $4.95

          1. Care to share those 3 places?

            1. We love a place called Hoy Wong, on Mott St. right off of Canal. Great roast duck and roast pork.

              Personal faves are the salt pepper fried soft shelled crab and the stir fried conch. Yummy.

              It is a dive but just as good as Big Wong down the block, without the crowds.

              1. I can never remember the name of the restaurant, though don't need to. It's on Bayard St., right next door to the Ice Cream Factory -- if you're facing the ice cream shop, the restaurant is on it's left. They have the best soup dumplings and peking duck.

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                  New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe. I didn't know that they do peking duck, I will have to try it out. I agree they have the best soup dumplings though. And I once had an amazing chrysanthemum fish there. Now I am getting really hungry and it's not even 11am!

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                    I just tried new yeah for the 1st time on saturday. I won't be going back. The soup dumplings were really dense, and the broth weak. Perhaps I hit an off night. So far, I still prefer Joe's Shanghai over new yeah, and new green bo.

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                      Have you tried Shanghai Cafe? In my opinion it's the best Shanghainese in Manhattan.

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                        I almost went there on Saturday, never been there before. It was really cold, and I was close to Bayard. I think I'll try it at lunch one day, then if it passes my test, I'll bring the group with me for our annual Christmas Day Chinatown visit. Thanks fo rthe rec.!

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                          The soup dumplings are definitely better than those a NGB. The dou miao (pea shoots) should be available this time of the year. They are so good and stir fried better than most places. I also love their cold beef tendon appetizer. I hope you enjoy. (I owe you, you helped me find my apartment)

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                            if you can email me - would love to hear how 10th is going.
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