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Sep 26, 2008 07:00 AM

Looking for something good for tomorrow lunch in Chinatown...

I live near Chinatown and want to try something new for lunch tomorrow. Given that the weather is still supposed to be bad would prefer someplace to eat-in instead of take-out. Open for anything! I find myself going to the same three places in Chinatown all the time and I am looking to do something different.

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  1. Joe Shanghai soup dumplings on Pell, Jin Fong for dim sum (not sure if i spelled the name right)

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    1. re: banjolinana

      I second Joe's Shanghai, and I find their soup dumplings the most flavorful I've had in chinatown. I do not recommend shanghai cafe, which I was surprised was recommend in these boards a bit, I find it to be of mediocre-poor quality.

    2. New Malaysia, between Elizabeth and Bowery in the chinese arcade. Chicken curry noodle soup....epic

      1. duck on rice to go from ny noodletown, $4.95

          1. Care to share those 3 places?