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Sep 26, 2008 06:56 AM

New to White Plains - Need Recs

I'm moving to White Plains with my fiance next week after 7 years of living in NYC (I'm 29). I'm an avid restaurant goer and food nut here in the city but clueless about the Westchester dining scene. I'm pretty bummed about the move and could use a few recommendations of good eateries to try to get me more excited. So far I'm only familiar with the bigger named places like X20 and NYC outposts like Blue Hil and BLT Steak. I would love to hear all kinds of recommendations, from low brow to high brow. Thanks so much

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Welcome to WP, mla19!!! Here's a good thread to get you started:

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            kaaaassss, I agree...your suggestions are among the best in White Plains...other choices for different reasons include: Elements, Bengal Tiger and Mulino's...

        1. I always like Lusardi's in Larchmont. The prices are reasonable, the food and service are usually excellent, and I love the atmosphere.

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            mla19, outside of X20, here are the best Westchester has to offer:

            Sushi Nanase - outskirts of WP, best sush there is.

            Spadaro - New Rochelle, best Italian there is.

            Restaurant X in Congers has the best brunch, seconded only by X20

            You can search here or we can all give our choices for red sauce places.

            Blazer and Squires are good for burgers.

            Tollgate in Mamaroneck is good for steaks.

            Fujinoya in Hartsdale is next best for sushi.

            Le Provencal in Mamaroneck is very good for French bistro.

            Zitoune in Mamaroneck is good for Moroccan.

            New Rochelle and Portchester are awash in Mexican places, be careful, one charges for chips.

            Artie's in City Island is verrrry good for seafood.

            Bao's is the best for Americanized Chinese, Aberdeen is the best for dim sum.

            You ask about it, we'll give our opinions. Take a look at the thread 'Westchester Favorites', there are 68 posts of opinions.

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              for cheap very casual burgers and wings - candlelight in on central avenue, or pipers kilt in bronxville. brazen fox on mamaroneck or any of the other Irish pubs for sports (lots of tvs).....

          2. In White Plains - Antipasti is excellent. Iron Tomato for great take out - they have a fresh roast turkey and prime rib every day, in addition to a lot of interesting meal choices. Low brow - you have the City Limits Diner - one in the mall and one on Central Avenue. Mighty Joe Young's in Hartsdale is fun and has a great wood fired grill with good steaks and great homemade ice cream. Dante's, also in Hartsdale, is a great Italian store the likes of which I have not seen since I left Queens - sausage, cheeses, sauce - wonderful. Kosher deli - Kisco kosher.

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              I happen to love the fresh roast turkey at Iron Tomato....since I started a new diet, which include LOTS of turkey, I have been going here ever since. Just for the turkey!

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                with all respect, I disagree. antipasti is mediocre to poor, mighty joe young mediocre to poor, I agree dantes is great/ yet owner is a nut case..thx

                1. re: intrepid

                  I agree with you regarding antipasti...overrated and way overpriced. they used to have a nice happy hour where they would put out a nice selection of free food, cheese, flat bread pizza mini burgers, etc. they don't do that anymore. I was there on a wednesday night two weeks ago and beside myself and my friend there were two other people at the bar from 6 to 7:30...they also used to have jazz on wednesday but no more.

                  Blue on Church Street is not bad.

                  1. re: kaaaassss

                    agree on blue, but noise levels are way overf the top, not enjoyable, but yes food is aok

                    1. re: intrepid

                      i find that so many of the restaurants have high noise levels. i like peniche but that is another place with an extremely high noise level.