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Sep 26, 2008 06:32 AM

Are there childhood foods of your partner that you cook to make them happy?

My wife is recovering from a wicked cold and not sleeping well. I cooked her favorite breakfast (Her father's too.) this morning, just to cheer her up, and as a TGIF. Fish cakes topped w/ a fried egg, with sides of B&M baked beans, B&M brown bread and a slice of fried ham. One happy Yankee girl. she also loves leg of lamb and lobster for special dinners.
What do you cook for your mate?

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  1. campbells tomato soup with a handful of rice thrown in, and grilled cheese sandwiches made with cheapo cheese and white bread.

    Also, lasagna made with cottage cheese.

    Normally, we eat really well, but sometimes he wants things the way his mom made 'em. :)

    1. Cute post! His mom was a gourmet chef, and I decidedly am not. Every year for his birthday his mom made him this intensely complicated cake-like dessert that I recreated a couple years ago with the help of some chef friends (it took 2 days). For me, if I'm having a bad day, he'll make me chocolate chip cookies just the way my mom did - the Toll House recipe from the back of the chocolate chip package. I know he likes to get creative (stems from growing up with a chef mom) but for me, he'll do it exactly the way the package says.

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        Wow that is really thoughtful. I know for me it's hard not to tinker with things. Great topic! For those of us that can cook it can be such an easy way to make someone happy. I've made creamed chicken to please and also, for my friend John , hamburger gravy, trying to replicate how his dad makes it. But he is a friend, not a significant other. So when he informed me at the last minute that the gravy should be over homemade mashed potatoes I told him foggetaboutit and he was having it over bread or toast. Oh and I used to make my one friend grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches. Food from childhood is hard to beat! Gets through al the defenses and gives us a time trip. They got that right in the cartoon movie Ratatouille!

      2. Here's what not to do.

        Many years ago mrs jfood under the weather so jfood figured he would make some chicken soup. Finds a great recipe and spends hours making this delicious pot of soup. He brings a nice bowl to her in bed. She looked at it and said. "This is really sweet, honey, but can you make real chicken soup? And the recipe is half a cut up chicken, one peeled onion cut in half, a peeled carrot and water."

        Jfood walked down the stairs, tail between the legs and made her "real" chicken soup.

        BTW, the really skinny noodles are the only ones that go in real chicken soup.

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          Similarly, my wife craves pastina with butter when she is under the weather. The first time I made it for her, way back when, I thought she'd enjoy a few of my favorite embelishments like grated locatelli and freshly cracked peppercorns. It was rejected, of course, and I had to remake it the real way- which I still do to this day. Some people just don't like the 'classics' messed with ;)

          1. My DH has a real soft spot for spaghetti and homemade meatballs-BIG meatballs, like his Italian grandmom used to make. It's very pleasing to hear that mine are as good as hers!
            Having breakfast for dinner is also a treat from his childhood that he still enjoys when I (occasionally) surprise him with it.

            1. My significant other's mom is a great cook, but she grew up in Wisconsin. I grew up in south Georgia. Needless to say, our cooking styles and methods are very different.

              One of the best Christmas gifts I have ever gotten was a recipe box filled with her favorite family recipes, all on hand written recipe cards. I will treasure that forever and if the house was burning down, it would be one of the things I grabbed on my way out the door. Now I can make meatloaf, porcupines, swiss steak, and ginger snaps, just like his mom's. Although I admit I *tweaked* the meatloaf a tad, but he doesn't notice.

              Oh, and the meatloaf always has to be served with whole baked potatoes, and the swiss steak with rice.